Father’s Day
June 17th, 2024

Father’s Day

Happy Dad Day to all it applies. Mother’s Day was stressful and involved a lot of cleaning, that I did most of… Sunday was a much more laid back day for Jim, except that he has like 3 jobs at the moment and messed up the due date of one of them so he spent most of the day working, because that’s a free lancer’s life…and also a disorganized person’s life. He got much eye rolling for Father’s Day :D


  1. Murphy

    Cuuuute glech fankids! adorable for fathers day, also Pride!!

  2. Mathias

    ….How? XD

  3. T-Shaw

    Awww…That’s adorable!

  4. Sterling Rodd

    LOL Okay, I didn’t take biology in university, but someone’s going to need to explain the dynamics here to me. :D

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Wait- did these two adopt kids?! That’s adorable! … and also the only logical way I can think of them starting a family without things getting… freaky.

  6. Rubialine

    I don’t know how, but what I do know is that they are very cute

  7. Murphy

    I didn’t comment before but why is one of these bear cub’s Prozac’s?! the one in the lavender Bow!

  8. Nicole

    So cute!!

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