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November 20th, 2023

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Oldest spawn went to volunteer at a Christmas tree farm on Sunday, will be doing so for the next few Sundays till the 24th. Fascinating discussion with the owner. I’ve got a bit of experience with seasonal businesses having spent most of my teen summers in strawberry and raspberry fields (and my March breaks transplanting flowers) but the time put into the tree farm is something else. Today they were cutting trees planted back in 2011-2013. And I had no idea the work done throughout the year to maintain the acres of trees, pruning, mowing around the bases, constant vigilance for dangerous beetles… He told us about another farm round the corner that decided 20 years ago to plant some sugar maples, they’re excited to try their first tapping THIS winter. Too many of us take all the agriculture around us for granted and have no idea just how much WORK goes into what we eat/plant/consume. Mad love to everyone who produces something!

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Prozac took the chance to jump back into the lead of this briefing. “There hasn’t been another incident since, but perhaps whomever was trying to poison us just realized we’re monitoring that source now and is planning something else. Constant vigilance on our part is tiring and unrealistic, we’re bound to miss something eventually. So, not a tenable situation.”

Lech looked slightly confused. 

Prozac sighed and got to the point. “We need to find the asshole/holes and take them down.” Nerd brightened and clicked the visual aid portion to a Tanked original: a crayon sketch of Evil taking an axe to a shadowy figure. There were limbs and blood flying and Evil’s horns were longer than usual. Evil gasped in delight and Lech frowned at Tanked, “Why is it only HIM getting to revenge us? I’m good at smashing stuff too!” 

Sara rolled her eyes and called him a baby under her breath. Gay patted his arm and huffed about his ego. Tanked drooled a mouthful of popcorn back into his paw and offered it to Lech.

Nerd rolled his eyes and clicked to the next slide. This one featured Lech laying waste and was gorier than the last. Lech perked up and started flexing, “That’s more like it!” Tanked grinned and held up a decimated red crayon, worn to almost nothing. Lech took it and smiled at him, “I’ll get you a whole new box of just red ones! And you’ll likely need more majestic Lech blue colour to document my solving this crisis for us all!”

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