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October 9th, 2023

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada!


Prozac felt an arm curl around his middle as Cara dropped her cheek against his shoulder. “You’re doing that rigid thing again, do you need a break before we start?” He rolled his eyes toward her. “That WOULD be a fantastic way to start this meeting, with a melt down before it even begins.” 

She smiled up at him but her eyes were troubled. “Seriously though, what’s wrong? You’ve been so much happier in the last month…at least I thought so.” She trailed off and Prozac could see a glimmer start in her eyes. Damn it. He grabbed her paws and kissed the backs, “Don’t cry Cara, it’s nothing!” Now it was his turn to give a wobbly disingenuous smile. She glared at him and quirked an eye brow.

Prozac sighed. “Okay, it’s nothing…but a creeping sense of dread and malaise with no apparent cause.”

Cara perked up, “Oh, so nothing new? Well that’s not so bad!” She smiled and hugged his arm, and Prozac, being Prozac, cringed mentally while enjoying her closeness. Nothing was easy in his head.

A burst of static behind him had Lech tossing popcorn and insults at Nerd’s head, “Fix it already! Why are you taking so LOOONG?” He crossed his arms grumpily and Gay took the popcorn bowl away and glared at him. As usual, Lech didn’t notice.

Nerd had his back up, and was safely on the other side of the room… “Keep your pants on asshole! I’m working on it!”


  1. murphy

    Aaah yeess when the wifi or power goes out anarchy, thrown food, insults typical family!

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, no wifi or TV for the bears… everything seems okay so far. Prozac probably has every right to be worried over nothing, though…

  3. T-Shaw


  4. Cam

    Poor Prozac, I hope his sense of dread is just anxiety and not something foreboding.

    @Alison: Happy Thanksgiving to Canada!

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