Page 900
October 2nd, 2023

Page 900

Page 900 would be a much cooler milestone if I’d been able to keep up the old comic format :P
Got a bunch of free fonts from a work thing and couldn’t stop playing around with them. I think this one does the mix case with a bit more clarity than my old one, feel free to opine :)


Prozac’s hooded eyes surveyed the living room with apprehension. Family meetings were usually eventful in some way, but he felt tonight’s would have far reaching consequences, like they were on the precipice of some momentous decisions that could change the course of the Discount Zoo bear’s very lives and well being. Or maybe they’d just dissolve into the usual petty squabbles and light violence. Probability tended toward immature name calling, hurt feelings, and at least one black eye. Speaking of eyes, Prozac’s right eye was twitching again. He slapped a paw over it and willed the furrow in his brow to smooth out, and his elevated heart rate to slow. Really, there was nothing going on to induce such uneasiness. The bears were mostly all settled in and waiting. Death was enthroned in the arm chair, chin in hand and gazing at the others wistfully. Lech and Gay were cuddling on one end of the couch, while simultaneously carrying on some kind of whispered argument. Sara and Gimp sat on the other side with Tanked propped up between them. She was doing all of the talking of course, while Gimp nodded along pleasantly and occasionally gestured with his paws. Someone had made pop corn and Tank had his own bowl as he tended to drool. Crack sat on the floor beside Death, sharing a bowl with Murder who was happily curled up on Vanity’s dog bed. Nerd was behind him fussing with the TV. Occasionally he swore and huffed with frustration.


  1. Vausch

    Oh gosh, Lech is wearing a yellow bowtie to match Gay’s. That’s so cute <3

    Whispered argument: "Mine is this colour to match my eyes, that one doesn't go with yours at all!" -It matches the light of my eye~ "Omg you're so corny. Say it again~"

  2. ShennyNerd

    So like, where even has Vanity been these past couple arcs?

  3. TekServer

    @ShennyNerd You’ll note Evil is also missing from this tableau. Perhaps he and Vanity have been spending some “quality” time together. >:-)

  4. asthexiancal

    Congratz for the 900!!! ^^ ^^
    Hope to have the pleasure to follow the bears’adventures for a very long time again~

  5. Anonymous


    What the heck is wrong with you? Vanity is a cub.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Well, it’s nice to see everyone is getting along well… but the absence of Vanity and Evil has me worried. How quickly will things turn downhill from here?

  7. Daisy

    I love Lech’s bow tie! Vanity has a dog bed?

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