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August 21st, 2023

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This is like my kids when you put some baked good in front of them, except there’s 3 losers who can’t share. Except sometimes they completely surprise me and one just steps back and says the other two can have whatever it is. It’s not consistently any one of them in particular, and it’s still pretty rare, but there’s glimmers…is this approaching maturity??

My cousin is posting insane pics from his home in BC and my sister in law’s twin brother just got evacuated from Yellowknife (northern Canada) so raging fire season is in full swing and California is battening down for their first hurricane? The pictures from the Hawaii fires are devastating. It’s a depressing Monday update guys. I am terrified for everyone. At least our conservative anti-climate political head decided to cancel his anti-carbon thing in the face of it all :P
Can we please PLEASE all get on the same page about this?


Sara glanced across the cave again. The boys were arguing and Steven was standing beside them looking increasingly stormy. One idiot punched the other one and Steven threw a plate of food on them and stomped off. They looked stunned, which she supposed made them look dumber than usual. One picked some tea cake out of his fur and licked it, then his face lit up and he gobbled it down. He quickly looked for more and a new fight broke out over cake crumbs and fish bits. Steven roared at them from across the cave and they froze.

Sara laughed. “I like her. Is she on our side now?”

Cara snorted. “She’s on her OWN side. But I think we can work together.”


  1. Vausch

    Hey, an ally is better than an enemy and is way easier to turn to a friend. Now I wanna see Steven in Gay’s room in front of his dressing mirrors trying out new arms.

    “I like this one!”

    -oh honey no, that does not match your eyes.

    “I said I like this one B| ”


  2. Nicole

    Huzzah for bear allies! :)

    @Vausch: Yes, lol!

    @alison: Agree–these are trying weather/climate times. :(

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Well, at least the Polars have a happy appetite. Also glad to see that Steven is willing to be cordial with non-polar bears. Here’s hoping things turn out good from here.

  4. Roscuro

    Everyone is on their own side. Working together is just called a healthy relationship.

  5. Cam

    Considering what she has to deal with on a daily basis, I think Steven will find some solace hanging out with the girls sometimes. Maybe Sara could even help her get a spa day courtesy of some hypnotized boy polars. Lol

    @Alison, yea things are crazy lately everywhere. I hope your family members and everyone dealing with these fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes will be okay and able to find help to get things back together again.

  6. NotAnotherZeroFan

    I had a feeling my last comment wouldn’t go through, and in retrospect, it was probably because of the links (which was stuff related to wildfire and flood safety).

    @alison: If you didn’t already, feel free to delete that post as I’m just gonna repost what I said yesterday, minus the links and I kind of don’t wanna seem like I’m spamming.

    People can’t even get on the same side about the inane stuff (or even *gasp* agree to disagree!); what makes you think they’d get on the same side on important stuff?

    I’d say more, but I REALLY dislike talking anything politics for a plethora of reasons, plus, even if I did, going on a rant about it in your comment section would just be rude both to you and other readers.

    I wall say good luck to your family members and to anyone having to deal with all this crazy weather.

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