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August 14th, 2023

Page 894

Writer’s strike…ugh. Seeing all the stories and really sad residual cheques on socials is depressing. Seeing the estimated net worth of the studio heads is …something else lol. I have lots of comic work to keep me going (understatement) but really miss the steady salary pay checks from our animation work, especially with a shiny new mortgage. Not that animators and designers get residuals… :(


  1. Nicole

    Damn, poor Sara is really taking the hits!
    @Alison: It’s so frustrating how artists and writers have to fight so hard for fair pay when the books, movies, etc., are impossible without them.

  2. Nonsens

    Do you think you can add Sara and Cara to the Bear Bios page? I keep mixing their names up :(

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Jeez… these two never relent when a situation is delicate. Still, Cara- was it really necessary to knock your sister in the back of the head, considering her already unpleasant state of being at the moment?

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