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July 31st, 2023

Page 892

Updates from my list of fun new home stuff! Gotta replace the downstairs bathroom sink, it’s a mess.
Hope you all are having a good summer. I keep seeing horrific videos of forest fires and people getting third degree burns from falling on pavement, and all the coral is dying…we are really fortunate to live in a part of Canada that is generally really temperate and stable, and we’re starting to get random crazy storms and the occasional small tornado. All my best wishes to any of you dealing with more serious problems than that!


Steven looked confused, and Cara rolled her eyes. “Fine, yes. It would be helpful if you could also trade us fish, on occasion. A nice fat salmon, not those straggly white fish.”

Steven cocked a heavy brow so Cara continued. “For eating of course!  We don’t get fish very often. Plus, we need some to bribe lions. At least I think that’s the plan.”

Steven laughed at this. She rolled back slightly and planted her elbow on her knee, her chin in her hand. “We will trade fish, arms, and fancy claws, AND stories. I wish to hear the aftermath of the lion bribing. If any of you are alive after to tell the tale.” And then Steven’s tone softened. “I also would enjoy talking to you…I am tired of males and their needs. My den mates are single minded and boring.”

Cara smiled. “I get you on the single mindedness! Though I would prefer if more of our males were boring. Some consistent boring would be restful I think.” Sara snorted in agreement. Her neck throbbed and her eyes still felt bulgy. But she was curious. “Why St-Steven?” She whispered.

Steven tilted her head. “I like it, it’s pretty.”

Cara waved a shushing paw in Sara’s face, “The prettiest!”


  1. ShennyNerd

    I mean, Steven does sound pretty next to Twinkle and Anthony.

  2. Chasey

    Holy crap, this is really sweet. And turning out like I thought/wanted, even though I didn’t think it was possible.

  3. Nonsens

    I totally did not expect that outcome for the arc. Wow.

  4. Todd Maccarone

    This was pure pleasantness. Also, it’s good to see that Steven is SO done with the other Polar Bears’ crap. I don’t blame her… can’t wait for what comes next!

  5. Cam

    Yes! Thank goodness, Steven friendship! I hope we get to see them hanging out sometimes like we’ve seen with Gay and Madge. I knew Steven was cooler than Anthony and Twinkle. ^_^

    @Alison: Oof, yet another thing to fix, huh? I need to replace my bathroom sink too at some point, it leaks if it gets full to a certain point. And I live way south of the U.S. so it’s been quite hot. This week its suppose to be in the 100s F (38-39C).

  6. Nicole

    So sweet! :)

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