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July 24th, 2023

Page 891

Summer is only half over and Costco has all the snow suits out, and Michael’s is full of back to school and Halloween decor :(


Cara took a deep breath, then stepped forward and tentatively held out her paw, spreading the toes so Steven could see her nails. They were painted a light purple, Tanked’s pick from a lovely picnic afternoon last week. “We could even paint your claws to match, if you’d like.”

Steven’s eyes widened. Her huge paw reached out, delicately engulfing Cara’s arm. She stared at the sparkly purple nails, then stared at Cara. Her gaze raked over bedraggled Sara and Murder, then back. “What did you do to Anthony and Twinkle?”

Sara stored that lovely knowledge in the back of her mind, figuring it would be suicide to exploit it, but the other bears would love to know some day. Cara quickly stepped in, “They’re just taking a nap.”

Steven still glowered, but stayed low, trying to be less intimidating Sara thought. How nice of her. 

Her heavy brows lowered, “So I get some new arms, and you get…to live? Seems too easy a bargain for me.”

Cara seemed stuck, thinking hard, so Sara croaked up, “Fish!”


  1. Nicole

    Cute Stephen!! The sisters are working together to survive…this is such a good arc!

  2. Vausch

    Ha! Anthony.

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Wait- one of the polar bears is named Twinkle? Something in my memory is saying that isn’t right, but it’s been a while since that “Monday trouble” arc. May have to re-read that, just to be sure… Also, Steven- hope you enjoy painted nails.

  4. Nonsens

    Halloween decor? In July? Seriously? And here I thought it was weird that Christmas decor started to appear in Japanese stores in October (BEFORE halloween)

  5. Cam

    Anthony and Twinkle, huh? I guess the boy polars thought those names weren’t tough-sounding enough. What did they call themselves? Butch and Chad? Or some other stereotypical school bully names. Guess Steven was the only one not afraid to be honest.

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