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December 19th, 2022

Page 864

Hey everyone! Happy almost Christmas! I’m maybe 90% done with shopping, still have all the Xmas brunch and dinner stuff to get…
If you are confused by the format of this update, please go back and read the explanation on the previous update (or long story short: my brain is exploding from too much work and I can’t non-work comic anymore) More detailed explanation on the Patreon site if that’s of interest.
So welcome to the new style! It feels a bit like the illustrated chapter books by boys have loved, but there will be more swearing and violence than the typical book aimed at ages 4-7 (although, that could be an underserved niche market there. I know a few 7 year olds that swore better than I do)

I hope you all have a fantastic and safe holiday and that everyone’s New Year is way better than the last! That’s got to come true for at least some of us.

In the meantime, go watch the trailer for ‘Clash of Clans: Book 1’! ┬áThat would be ONE of my current day jobs!


  1. raven0ak

    I just hope this is very temporary; reason why I stopped reading example paranatural was because that comic switched to similar style for good (generally I read comics because those are comics, and if I want bookish style translated lightnovels from japan/korea are far better options)

  2. T-Shaw

    This is actually a pretty good illustration from you, Alison!
    If you make more comic pages soon, take your time.
    If you’re burnt out after everything, I can stick with this.

  3. Sterling Rodd

    What’s interesting is there’s a lot of internal dialog here that probably could not have made it easily into the comic. I’m tempted to say that even if and when you do make your way back to resuming the comic, you might keep pages like this up from time to time. It seems like a great way to look into the souls of the characters without it feeling like exposition. Really nice.

  4. bnuuy

    i’m really interested in this format! writing like this can give a lot of insight into the characters that comics can’t (or like, it’s hard to, at least.) i hope it helps make life a little more manageable for you!

  5. StoticM

    I like the format of this page, it looks nice, maybe this could be used in the books as filler after a chapter ends. Also, I agree with both Bnuuy and Sterling. This prose gives us a chance to see how the characters think/peer into their souls without it being too much. Thank you for this, and stay safe and motivated.

  6. NotAnotherZeroFan

    I agree with StoticM. Depending on how many of these you make, they could be a book themselves too. Either way, good luck on your work! I know I’ll still be here. :)

  7. All

    I hope this is temporary as well. Just because I don’t typically read this kind of comic.

  8. Mr. Casual

    I’m really quite curious about the bears’ sleeping arrangements now. Some of them–like Evil, Nerd, and Death–get spaces to themselves, and I assume pairs like Prozac/Cara and Gay/Lech have space together, but here we see these three being more communal. Sara and Tanked sharing a bed, and Vanity in the corner. Is he like a pet? X) Is Tanked bunking with her because he’s the only one who’s “safe” from and/or around her?

  9. Nicole

    Looks great! I will enjoy any Bear Nuts you can give us. So appreciate your talent and storytelling. <3

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Not quite sure how to feel about this new page design… It does look cool. I’m curious to see where this goes. Keep up the good work, friend!

  11. Bri

    Oooh, I very much agree with and second @StoticM’s idea. Like mini side stories or filler pages of this format. Even accumulating a bunch of these pages to eventually turn into a book in this format would be really cool, too! I also do love the illustration on this page and the general appearance of it.

    I wonder: if you ever do switch back to comic format (when/if you end up having more free time again), would you be redoing the written pages into comic format as well (for example: redrawing this page in the comic format)?

    Anyway, hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy holidays!

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