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May 2nd, 2022

Page 834

Happy Monday yet again. Coffee callback! That was awhile ago :D

Computer update! Mine seems to be ok, still have the occasional weird slow down even with files that aren’t stupid huge. I will deal. But Jim’s PC is starting to act up and he had to drop back down to an older version of photoshop…lol…vomit.

And in dogs are people news: we made soft boiled eggs and Jim cut 1 in half to give to the canines. 3 yr old female Indy delicately lapped up the yolk and then nibbled the whites, taking her time and leaving zero mess. 7 month old male Smudge galompped the thing in 2 bites, sprayed bits everywhere, and scrabbled around in a frenzy to lap them all up …I guess before the rest of us could eat them on him? Just like my boys (you should see the frenzy when it’s time to lick the beaters.)

Vote Incentive: an old Spiderman fav :)


  1. Nicole

    We know nothing about our brother! lol!

  2. Nila Foxy

    Ok.. I remember the whole “coffee” incident. But why are they all getting that bent out of shape over it, now?
    Also… Yes, Cara. But plz don’t say that again, or you’ll sound too much like your sister who is no offense… A bit more of a bitch.

  3. Murphy

    To be fair they were all scared of death & kept distance, Hehehe, ironic.
    that point when family realizes they know nothing of their sibling & that they suck.

  4. speedcoreidolater

    Their haste to zap him seems even more ridiculous when you remember that they did all the stuff Cara mentioned when this same thing happened to Evil.
    He likes the petting zoo, put Crack’s suit on him and shower him in bunnies.

  5. Treascair

    I almost feel sorry for the boys.

    … almost.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Man, this is just sad. These guys know nothing about Death… Poor fella. Cara does have some good ideas, but without a clue as to what he likes, how can they even begin to fix him?

  7. Bry

    Cara, honey, in case you havent noticed, but a) Death is pretty introverted (partially due to his strange power and him feeling like he cant or shouldnt hang out w/ everyone) and b) the boys are pretty terrified of Death. aside from the fact they know he, uh, has quite the affinity for coffee, the boys dont know anything about Death sadly

  8. Murphy

    Hey Fun Fact I just realized Death’s symptoms seem to be Dissociative fugue.
    he gets up each day, wanders to sit on the stone, then heads back inside.
    he’s been doing it for weeks after the fight.

  9. T-Shaw

    NOT THE COFFEE!!!! Remember Death takes a Holiday from Reality?!

  10. Giffy

    Why not try asking the guy who does most of the cooking?

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