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April 25th, 2022

Page 833

Took the kids to Sonic 2 on Friday, let the twins use the butter dispenser unsupervised…had to wash their coats. My God, how do two functioning pre teens make such a stupid huge mess?? All my apologies to the teenager who had to clean that up after :( ¬†We did our best with napkins but ugh.

STILL trying to get the new computer set up. SOOO frustrating to re-instate all your passwords/Photoshop settings/ fonts/ brushes/ etc. And my email can’t seem to filter spam anymore.


  1. Nila Foxy

    Saved by the (Bell) Cara’s emotions!
    Well now Lech is gonna have to chase Vanity..
    Also I love how Crack, Nerd, & Evil just stand there like- “Well.. That happened”.

  2. Murphy

    Well they’ll figure out some way wake up death.
    Also Ooh now vanity is gonna die of ligma.

  3. Nicole

    @Alison: Sorry about the butter fiasco!
    Cara is the sweetest!

  4. T-Shaw

    @Alison: Sorry to here about that. At least your kids had a good time right?
    Panel 10: Aww:)

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to see Cara’s worried about Death’s wellbeing… still, this does raise the question- is there any sensible way to fix the poor guy? Short of hiring a Psychonaut, I’m afraid to see how these guys could get him working properly.

  6. Black Pete

    Honk indeed!

  7. Project_Demise

    Just stick a battery in his mouth. He’ll be fine.

  8. speedcoreidolater

    These two are cute together, I shouldn’t have talked about Cara like she was Pinterest given zoomorphic form. Also, Vanity’s going to straight up mutilate Death.

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