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January 17th, 2022

Page 820

I generally post these on Sunday night and I’m sitting here waiting to find out how bad tomorrow is going to be since they’ve forecast 20-40 cm of snow, lol. That’s quite the possible range. Well, no more snow days for the kids these days, you help shovel and then you sit your butts down and do online assignments :D

Vote Incentive: one of the sketches from the ongoing New Year’s sketch-a-thon on our Patreon page because I am slooooow (Koda’s original character is super cute and has heterochromia like my corgi pup!)


  1. Nila Foxy

    heheh jokes on you Sara.. the Glech train just left you behind.
    I also do hope that Cara & Prozac can end up together, too~

  2. T-Shaw

    Definitely a couple.
    Hope the same thing happens to Prozac and Cara.

  3. Murphy

    I Agree with Gay on Prozac being more Anxious & nervous.
    It was actually shown to us that Pro is very sensitive,
    & scared of trying something new with Cara poor baby.

  4. Murphy

    Also I Agree with Lech get yourself a man who can Bake & Accessorize!
    Along with sew to modify tac-vest.

  5. Twotwig

    Even with all the hints along the way of them liking each other more than they let on (one more than the other) I still feel like we’re missing a page or two of Lech coming to terms with and accepting his new relationship with Gay.

  6. gridsleep

    From adventure to soap opera. I only as that there be restraint from any Gech waifu pictures.

  7. Cam

    I think it’s cute that Glech are openly flirting with each other. Much better than when Lech would be somewhat violent, though i enjoyed their verbal exchanges.

  8. Paul

    Poor Sara, surrounded by all these silly weirdos coming to terms with their feelings for each other.

  9. Roscuro

    It’s still so surreal to see the Glech ship as canon. I was still in high school when Gay was laying his head on Lechs lap while they were watching tv.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Leave it to the Glech to derail any attempt Sara has of controlling the situation. So hilarious!

  11. gridsleep

    @Paul Were you happier when Sara was turning them all (except Gay) into hormone slaves, and Cara had to talk sense into her? Now, everyone at least seems to be respecting each other’s being a bit more.

  12. MicaXIII

    oh of course they’re completely insufferable in their honeymoon phase, I love it! XD

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