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January 10th, 2022

Page 819

Started a new contract last week, still trying to find the groove on this one, but it’s for a multiple book deal (tightening thumbnails and finished inks) so I’m excited to jump on something with the stability of a couple of years of work! But it’s also really weird to be working on one project for multiple years lol. Gotta adjust my mind set. And ignore all the home schooling going on since we’re back in lockdown, and this time we’re feeling the covid pinch, tons of cases in the schools before the holidays, neighbour has it, kid’s friends have contacts, Jim’s supervisor, some of my family got super sick this week but keep testing negative…gah. ┬áStay safe everyone, this sucks all over again :(

Vote incentive: Hilariously enough, as I didn’t plan this, Halloween Sara (the last of the bunch) is pretty fitting for the page I’m currently working on :)


  1. Lenz

    “How dare you sit back here to spy on them!”

  2. gridsleep

    Gross? Rude, maybe. Incentive Sara, not necessarily the girl of one’s dreams.

  3. Nicole

    This is SO sweet. <3

  4. Murphy

    Eeeh, some aren’t sappy lovey-dovey type.
    but gay & lech are in a teasing way & that’s wholesome.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    This is so sweet… I love it! But I’m a little lost as to why Sara is physically lambasting Lech… what’s gross about watching a tender moment?

  6. Kaouse

    Sara: Gross!
    Lech: You wanna see gross? Get a load of this! *kisses Gay*
    Gay: Wait, wha- *protests at first, but easily melts into the kiss*
    Sara: …
    Sara: …Actually, this is kind of hot.
    ~~Prozac & Cara leave while this goes on~~

  7. Nila Foxy

    Oh shut up, Sara…
    & I’m so proud of Prozac. :’) Can imagine how good this must be making Cara feel~

  8. FiliasNox

    Speech 100

  9. Gear

    Great to hear about the contract.

    As for the multiple negative tests your family member got. That’s Omicron for you, it gives more false negatives on the rapid tests than the last varients have(which might be why it managed to develop…).
    If they could get themselves a PCR test it’d come up positive. All but guaranteed.

    Same thing happened with a friend. They gave them a PCR at work after recovering from a bad weekend.
    Came up positive.

  10. Cam

    Working on a book deal? Is it for bear nuts? I’d totally love to have some books of the comic. Either way, i hope the deal works out well for you. And yea, so much sickness going around, i hope you and your family stay safe.

    Cara seems touched and surprised. I wonder why Sara thinks them spying is gross? Discourteous maybe. Unless, she thinks something more was gonna happen during Prozac and Cara’s meeting? O.o

  11. kitty

    @ Kaouse .. huh?

  12. T-Shaw

    Finally telling his true feelings towards her.

  13. Hake Feretto

    Haaaaaaw this last bege is just…. no have words it’s so cuuuuuute X3 !!!!! These two definitivly fit tigether and I’m happy to can finqly see that, maybe the first real “couple” in the gang huh ?? After all if the zoo have introduce female it’s maybe for got a little baby-bear ?

    Who know it could give something even more appealing for humans to come see XD….however not sure about how a “baby” could be introduce a baby-bear in our family and how it will be for deal with the next of the story UwU. But hey, we can still hope right ? X3

    Anyway I’m happy you get this contract and sound like these books you do give you fun ! Just sad the Covid cole ruin every happyness it can have >\<…… I hope your family will keep safe from it…

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