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October 25th, 2021

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Happy Monday guys! That is all :)

Vote incentive: Halloween Horror Prozac from 2019


  1. Nila Foxy

    aww… *holds Cara* It’s ok, Cara.
    You really are not alone in this.
    You fit in even after all that, there~

  2. Vausch

    Look at it this way, Cara: your monster state is related to an event that occurs twice every 3 years and can be satiated by chocolate and cookies.

    Everybody else’s is just their personality. Even Death has his addiction issues.

  3. Murphy

    @Vausch, see what I mean eveyone has quirks & issues.

    crack is probably schizophrenic, Evil is sociopathic because of flames, Prozac is dependent on mood enhancers, Gimp is repressed manic rage, Nerd blames himself for his mom’s death, Death has caffine addiction, blames for his sister’s untimely death, Tanked was seperated from mom & is dependent on booze. Vanity is narcissistic because of moving around. Sara thinks she’s entitled to good things.

  4. Chasey

    Yeah, Cara. Everyone lives with Evil and he’s set some of them on FIRE, tried to scoop out Vanity’s eyes on the reg to start with, has tried/succeeded? eating several children. Oh, and Cracked murdered geese and an owl and stuff… Gimp nearly killed the Lion, Gay and Lech nearly kill each other every time they have an argument. Pro hulks out practically weekly which is more often than you do. So, you’re fiiiiiiiiiine.

  5. N30N

    Aw poor Cara, dont worry! Almost all the bears have some weird ability due to repressed rage and trauma-

  6. T-Shaw

    Cara, it’s time to face your demons.

  7. lou

    HWAT did you just say about our Tanked?! You take that back.

  8. gridsleep

    Well, except Tanked, probably. Today’s lesson: drink more beer, kids. Stay safe. Stay drunk. All hail Dionysus.

  9. EeveeEvolutionLover

    @gridsleep @lou: did we already forget about when tanked couldn’t drink for a time? Considering his normal temperament, I’d call that “monsterous”. :P

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Well, at least Sara has a point- everyone’s got their issues to work out. Granted, yes, Cara’s issues are much more… potent, but at least everyone has something they need to be worked out.

  11. Nicole

    Come on, Cara. <3 Death and Prozac were doing their fair share of smacking around.

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