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October 18th, 2021

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Time for messy aftermath!

Vote Incentive: Halloween horror bears from I think 2 years ago- Evil!

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  1. Nila Foxy

    … Cara you can’t run away from it again.
    Besides, these bears have their “secrets” too.
    I sense an origin story coming soon~

  2. kitty


  3. Murphy

    Gotta be honest…did not see the sister’s origin elaborated on.

    I thought it’d be Gay or lech. because the whole shipped around a lot is enough.
    But then again…all these bears have to have trauma.

  4. kitty

    @Murphy i mean after her power being revealed during the last arc, it makes perfect sense that her origin is next. if anything i’d prefer it that way. i’m curious to know. it’s been teased too so it’s about time haha

  5. Murphy

    @kitty Also was not expecting the pro sara shipping.
    pro’s probably gonna say I understand, I’ve tried repressing too.

    I mean both their forms are caused by bottled up anger.

  6. Murphy

    Also I just realized these bears are superhero’s.

    They all have trauma which gives them powers.
    Nerd has amazing intelligence, Pro turns into hulk.
    Cara turns into a werebear demon. Death is black lightning.
    Crack has…power to speak to geese? Evil has voodoo.
    Lech & gay don’t seem to have powers yet.
    Tank is stealth apparently since he snuck into the car.
    Gimp super strength, Sara has pheromone mind control
    Vanity has…nothing really.

  7. T-Shaw

    Cara’s origin story is about to be revealed.

  8. gridsleep

    Vanity sleeps with the girls? Wait… Is Vanity a girl? No? I’m confused.

    @Murphy Lech and Gay’s power is secret romance, which spawns comic books and fan magazines. Vanity’s power is kid sidekick, to give the youth audience a sense of investment. Since you didn’t mention Sara, hers is obviously guy enslaving pheromone mistress.

  9. gridsleep

    That would have to be a pretty raunchy smell to offend a bear. …Thinking back to when that bear buried Bugs Bunny, who was playing dead, after saying PEEEYUUUUUUUU!

  10. Sterling Rodd

    Vanity and Cara share a room? Hello… :D

  11. Sterling Rodd

    @Murphy — LOL, you’re right with the trauma thing. Alison should introduce Boring Bear, who’s had a find, placid life in the zoo and isn’t fazed by anything. :)

  12. Todd Maccarone

    Poor Cara… still, the possibility of an origin story does sound nice. Even so, dumping a bucket of cold water on someone moping in their bed is never cool. For shame, Sara; for shame!

  13. Nicole

    Awww! Cara is upset from the whole episode. Poor kid! Did she have that notch in her ear before? Or is that from the fight?
    @Todd Maccarone: I thought the same thing! Water on the mattress!

  14. Natalie

    @gridsleep: i think its because he’s a child…

  15. kitty

    for everyone surprised about cara & vanity sharing a room, sara cara tanked & vanity all share a room :D

  16. kitty

    @Murphy i’ve been expecting it since the girls first arrived, they’ve always had the chemistry there. the mom & dad friends haha. i ship procara & glech lol

  17. gridsleep

    @Natalie I always thought Vanity would room with his best buddy Tanked. Then I just read kitty’s entry which reveals they all share the same room. Hm. Learn something new every day. How does kitty know that, though?

  18. Seath

    @Nicole looks to be from the fight. Right before she transforms, both her ears are the same. Midway through the fight, and after she’s turned back, you can see there’s a small little hole in her ear.

  19. kitty

    @gridsleep previous arcs have shown it :P i have reread it a few times but it’s been like about a year since i last have so i think now is a good time to reread since that arc just finished haha. sara made a comment about needing her own room once i believe?

  20. Nicole

    @Seath Thanks! I thought it might be. That was a heckuva fight!

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