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September 20th, 2021

Page 803

I’ve read a few Beauty and the Beast retellings (Robin McKinley’s are my fav) and this sort of… vaguely reminds me of them, lol.

Still not over the wonderful Monday hi of back to school!  :)

Last week’s vote incentive image (not sure why some people are having trouble seeing them)



  1. T-Shaw

    Watch out for that road bump, Evil!

  2. Nila Foxy

    (poofy Vanity ^^)
    Wow… Evil sux at driving

  3. Murphy

    See this is why people who’s only played mario kart should never drive.

  4. gridsleep

    How do bear legs reach the pedals?

    So, now, it’s going to be shipping all the time?

  5. Feartheswans

    I’m just looking at the utterly destroyed passenger rear axle

  6. Nicole

    Loving this! :D

  7. Todd Maccarone

    So, Evil’s driving… I understand the need, but I’m still concerned about all the brain damage that will happen. Also, Vanity puffed up like a marshmallow… Hilarious!

  8. Bri

    Hee hee at Fuzzy Vanity x2! ;U; Eeeeeeeeee~

  9. Bri

    I also do love how respectful Evil was with carrying Cara hee hee heeeee

  10. tsophiekins

    Yaaay – IWX if you see this you were right – I can open in a new tab and see. I think maybe my PC is kicking off that it’s an ad and is blocking the image?! Who knows! I can go back for months now and spot them haha! Thanks Alison as well for hosting it again! xx

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