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September 13th, 2021

Page 802

Happy Monday everyone! Kids are back in school and everything is normal(ish) again :)

I’m afraid I’ll get used to this and then we’ll quickly have another quarantine situation on our hands…

Vote Incentive: inspired by a commenter, Doctor Lech (as with everything he does, full of brazen overconfidence I’m sure) Just had a debate the other day with a kid about the difference between hummus, humus, and hubris…and he was SO sure he was right :)


  1. Murphy

    Of course lech is still nauseous so he vomits.
    a queasy stomach can have you do that a lot.
    Also Gay being sass master as usual. heh

  2. Nila Foxy

    lul Fuzzy Vanity is amusingly cute.
    & aww.. Prozac being sweet with Cara.

  3. Kaouse

    Wait, haven’t gotten how breaks work? If that’s true, just what were you doing underneath Trucker Lech while you were dressed as a flamingo, Gay? Inquisitive minds want to know!

  4. N30N

    Are you hinting another kiss in the last panel? You’re really spoiling us Alison!

  5. Roscuro

    Wasn’t expecting a Nurse Gay with the Dr. Lech, but it’s wonderful nonetheless.

  6. Chasey

    I hate to be THAT person, but it’s brake when it comes to making vehicles stop, not break. Unless I missed a very clever play on words there… seeing as Gay just broke a bunch of stuff.
    Also, if Lech keeps up all that puking, he’s going to be pretty dehydrated on top of that giant concussion he’s rocking. (or whatever else is wrong with him, like his heart he mentioned a bit ago)

  7. T-Shaw


  8. Anon

    Moooore puke incoming.

  9. Nicole

    So glad they’re all getting out of there. Vanity getting all zapped out :D! And Prozac with Cara is so cute.

    And…OMG the detail that the even the skull on Deaths tummy is unconscious!! Alison–you are a pro!

  10. tsophikins

    Alison, every time I try and vote I can never see the image :( makes me sad as I love your work! Is there a broken link somewhere?


    still thinking about that gay and lech kiss- love this comic so much, i wish i could get my hands on those death and evil hoodies !!!

  12. IWX

    I think it’s a cross-domain security issue when viewing on topwebcomics. I can never see the vote incentive images on the page, but I can right-click the broken image and open in a new tab just fine.

  13. Bri

    Fuzzy Vanity, EEEEEEEEE! ;U;

  14. Todd Maccarone

    This comment is late, but yeah… Gay being a driver is an accident waiting to happen… Oh, and Prozac so out of it is pretty funny.

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