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February 8th, 2021

Page 772

Happy Monday again! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy…unlike Death’s sister (oh burn!) But we’re back to familiar ground here, Prozac is testy and Evil is pushing it.

No Valentines cards at school this year so we made our own (cards/tees/mugs/etc available on the Dooomcat Red Bubble store). I like this little turtle guy, but the twins are bigger on dinosaurs! (TWC Vote Incentive)



  1. Nila Foxy

    *baps Evil* . . . Nooooo~
    Well, now we almost got the whole gang back.
    (I know something, you don’t about Cara)

  2. Can never decide on a name

    You know, that might actually work.

  3. Murphy

    Yes…Great idea, Zap the ghostly version of Death
    with an overclocked Tazer again hoping to take him down!
    *Sarcasm intensifies*

  4. T-Shaw

    Last Panel.
    Everyone: NO!!!!!!

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Typical Evil- make something even worse than it should be! Wouldn’t it be safer to bring him towards a lightning rod, help him lose some of that excess energy?

  6. MustacheHam

    ah, Evil’s the type that take’s pleasure to fight fire with fire, or in some cases just add fuel to the fire. haha

  7. Plethora

    Don’t zap an innocent little Panda…

  8. Anon

    Nice transition from the last page to this one.

  9. Nicole

    EVIL STOP! Gawd.
    Prozac’s hot cheeks in Panel 7 are just perfect! Speaks for all of us!

  10. Mr Demon

    Let the Zappening commence!

  11. gridsleep

    Zap On! ‼ZAP‼ ‼ZAP‼ Zap Off! ‼ZAP‼ ‼ZAP‼ The Zapper!

  12. Can never decide on a name

    Guys, I’m serious, it might work. Death probably looks like that because he drained the battery. Maybe another hit will draw some of it back in. No, that’s not how the real world works, but we’ve seen plenty of cartoon logic in this comic.

  13. yaboi

    ro I always wanted to tr that and see what would happen. Like the other bears gotta admit they at least thought of zapping him.

  14. Murphy

    Hmm…i wonder if Death’s power could make Ionized plasma?
    it takes 3 million volts for an arc to form 1 meter between 2 points.
    So it’s a matter of whether Death can generate 3mil. volts of electricity.
    comparing his increase in size to his regular size and that the voltage is running through the whole body.
    Let’s say the bears are about 3ft tall and Death’s current form is 6ft, that would mean he has roughly 60 thousand volts

  15. KathYohneke

    honestly? could work. he’s already supercharged. another zap could short him out for a bit.

  16. weiern

    i wonder whats going to happen to death next

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