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February 1st, 2021

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Sorry little grey cub, it was a short run :(
But the good news is we’re already into February and I am counting down the days till spring and vaccines and going outside in a tank top! (It was -25 outside most of this weekend, don’t know what that is in “American”)

Vote Incentive: One of my favourite kinds of commissions, nursery art :D
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Plus, I doodled a bunch of cheesy animal valentine designs and you can get cards/tees/mugs from Red Bubble. (and none of these little guys are going to die a brutal scorching heart stopping death)


  1. Nila Foxy

    I knew it. . .
    V~V oh Death… It must have hurt so much having that happen

  2. Sonictrainer


  3. Murphy

    Ooof, accidentally killing his younger sister because of huge first discharge of power.

    Death’s backstory straight up deals with mortality and how fleeting life is.
    Bringing his ghostly kaiju form out will most likely drudge up memories of never really getting over the grief of his younger sister and never being consoled because people can’t touch him.

  4. Murphy

    In translation to all this, death needs to be calmed down and needs a hug desperately.

  5. Tjimmy1999

    Pretty gruesome death, but that’s probably the most sudden and rushed way to make this another tragedy of an origin story.

  6. Louie

    Oh god…

  7. Mr. Casual

    Knew it was coming, but still heartbreaking to see. :(

  8. rugibess

    Holy shit, that’s… my god.

  9. TailaBlu

    Oh no Q~Q

  10. Sperkle

    Awww. Poor lol guy.

    Thats about -13F. Normal where I’m at in the US around this time.

  11. Nicole

    Shortest and saddest arc ever!! I hope little Death just assumed the lightning bolt did that! :'( IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT, BABY DEATH!!! Gah. It’s no use. You know he’s going to blame himself. :'(

    Back to our regularly scheduled Death-Bolt Elemental.

  12. T-Shaw

    I don’t know what to say….

  13. Todd Maccarone

    Damn. Somehow, I knew this was going to happen… That just isn’t right. Also, not to downplay Death’s heartbreaking backstory, but is Cara still going to be a problem, what with that whole blood moon thing mentioned a while ago?

  14. Plethora

    Oh-oh. Drama alert…

  15. Hake-Feretto

    I knew it will end like this but even this kind of scene make me cry each time even if I already
    know the end…. Poor death must think he is the own killing his syst and he need someone hug him
    and said him he is not bad and all that is not his fault TwT… Now who will be enough strong for resist
    to the lightning-hug than is the once way to save pur black-bear ? We can only wait&see…

    @Todd Maccarone hooo well thise than follow Alison on her patreon can have a good idea about the blood-moon thing… but I can’t said anything, you can only wait&see for now !

  16. Nicole

    *hugs literally everyone here* :'(

    @Murphy: “Death’s backstory straight up deals with mortality and how fleeting life is.” Wow…that’s a really profound thought. <3

    @Todd Maccarone: As a Patreon supporter, I can confirm…yes, Cara is going to be a problem.

  17. S.L

    Drawn to Life Heather feels all around.

  18. Baree

    Ooof… That’s really harsh. Poor cub. Poor Death.

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