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October 14th, 2019

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada!  Ate too much :P. Mom made my favourite dessert from childhood, cue nostalgia pig out.  But ALL 3 boys managed to behave themselves at both family dinners!  It’s a near Christmas miracle (why is Christmas stuff out already?? It’s not even Halloween yet!!)

New Halloween tee available on Shirt Woot and tomorrow is the last day to order all Halloween tees on sale! (Use code SPOOKY35 for 35% off).

I’ve been working on Halloween costume designs for the bears and if you support us on PATREON you can get early sneak peaks!

Also, if you’re looking for great all ages comics check out this new Kickstarter by an awesome Canadian artist: ‘Halls of The Turnip King‘ by ‘My Little Pony’ comic artist Brenda Hickey :D

Have a fantastic week everyone :D



  1. connor Murphy

    Gay can work any color i’ll give him that, also only Dying the bottom half of gay’s fur pattern does sound like what Lech would do for a prank.

    Evil clearly didn’t stab Crack’s nightlight since he’s trying to actually relax after the whole lion debacle, he’d only do a prank to someone as revenge since he’s probably still healing.

  2. Kaouse

    It’s probably Evil, back up to his old tricks. That said, I would have thought poisoning Gay would have been going to far for a prank, but considering how badly Gay got bashed when Pinkie over there mind controlled the others, I suppose Gay is just destined to get the worst of it, huh?

  3. connor Murphy

    @Kaouse, i don’t think that evil pranked them.

    I remember Vanity being extremely angry at all of them though,
    Vanity causing a prank war between all of the bears to get back at them
    that sounds honestly like what he would do to get revenge.
    Vanity learned how to prank from Evil and Lech remember.

  4. connor Murphy

    Starting a prank war does sound like something Vanity would learn from evil.

    probably won’t be the first prank war either.

  5. Ali

    Something left would do, what wouldn’t he do anyway? Maybe gay is responsible for cracks and tanks problem, probably. The banana in the teddy reminds me of bananas in pajamas. Idk why?

  6. Vausch

    Y’all aren’t seeing the big clue here, are you?

    It’s a banana. Remember who started all this? The monkeys.

  7. Can never decide on a name

    @Vausch Maybe, but Vanity is still a strong contender. Your username. Where have I seen you before?

  8. gridsleep

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone could nonchalantly sit on the couch next to an overflowing bowl of barf.

  9. T-Shaw

    “What kind of monster would do this?!”

  10. Neksus Cat

    My bet’s on Vanity, that he’s trying to frame the Evil, so others would hate Evil more.
    While all that might SEEM like Evil’s work, it’s clearly a work of an amature.

  11. Tjimmy1999

    Oh that’s right. The monkeys are still a thing. I legit forgot about them because these bears can’t stay consistent for a whole story arch without wanting to go at each others throats. Seriously, they’re all bad at getting straight answers from anybody in this zoo.
    @gridsleep That’s Lech for you.
    @T-Shaw Was that a rhetorical question?

  12. S.L

    Vanity seems to be framing everyone, or the monkeys are, we’ll have to see.

  13. K Derg

    Probably Evil: Everybody watch out I’m back on my Bulls%@#!

  14. chasey

    As much as I want the Monkey plot to keep going and that the banana seems like a big clue here, I DO kinda also hope it’s Vanity because he was SO angry the last time we saw him. The title of this chapter has me wondering as well.
    I wonder if Vanity’s teamed up with the monkeys! (probably not, but I just really want to see where this is all going)

  15. Todd Maccarone

    Okay… Either the monkeys are back, or Vanity has become Evil Jr. Leaning towards the latter, given the chapter title, but it is possible the monkeys are causing trouble… Or both options, really.

  16. Hake Feretto

    Hmmm nop I’m absolutly not aggree with all people than think Evill is behind , the reason is easy Evill is bad yes but he’ll never do something so jerk to Tanked.. you don’t see it but Evill is become very nice with him ( well not as much crual he was before) since Tanked and him have share the same bedroom a long while ago. Plus the pluchi is Evil’s Vodoo plushi, he’ll had never destruct his own creation and especialy after Tanked have take it as plushie for sleep.

    A last thing , if he had do the last arc had been totaly useless, Evil have try to fix his error and 1 day after he come back at his worst side and do even tricks that coukd easily be judged as horrible and crual ? Noo it’s impossible I don’t trust in that UwU ! The tittle said all, Vanity is behind all that , we have see what kind of jerck he could be when he is angry ( we have even see it in the last arc).

    So I go on the side of lot of there, the side of “Monkeys and Vanity are Behind” , and it’s certainly evill that will must deal with the problem, he is the once able to do it after Death or Prozac

  17. Nicole

    OMG who made Tanked cry? WHO MADE TANKED CRY??? Someone must pay!!!

  18. Tarts&Sweets

    I honestly think it’s the work of Vanity trying to frame this on Evil. He seemed pretty upset all the others were coming together to support Evil when he was feeling terribly depressed. Besides that, it all seems conveniently coincidental that Crack’s nightlight and Tank’s favorite stuffed animal would be specifically targetted. It could be the monkeys trying to attack the bears again but the banana feels like a too obvious mislead here.

    Somebody is trying to set Evil up.

  19. SmoochsPLH

    Someone made Tank cry…THEY SHALL BE PUNISHED!!!

  20. Bri

    Tanked, TANKED! Omg, my poor baby. ; __ ; My heart.

    YOU HAVE A PATREON NOW, YAY! Imma totally join. <3

  21. Michael Sirius

    Let’s not forget that the title of the chapter here is “Evil Jr.”, so we can rule out Lech. It’s possibly Vanity, possibly the monkeys, heck, the title could be literal, and Evil could have some mini-me that went rogue somehow

  22. Dakaggo

    Given Vanity’s recent outburst, affinity for Evil and generally rude behavior I’m going to say it’s almost definitely Vanity.

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