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October 7th, 2019

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Next weekend is (Canadian) Thanksgiving already!  The fall is very here and it feels like the year is passing by so quickly!  It’s stressing me out a little (mostly the problem is our tax year end is Halloween and I HATE that time of year : the organization and paperwork and blah is such a frustrating time suck and we’re always missing something or the numbers don’t equal, no matter how careful we try to be).  And it’s cold :(

TWC vote incentive: Sam wants a Minecraft cake for his bday (almost 10 now!) so I made a little sketch for a local bakery we’ve worked with before.  I’ll have to simplify it a little as the current version will cost us $250…ha, don’t love you enough kid ;)

Silly new Unstealthiest Ninja shirt NEEDS VOTES on Woot!


  1. Tjimmy1999

    Congratulations, Gay. You are now the new Tanked if you keep that obvious drinking problem going.

  2. connor Murphy

    well i’m curious to see where this goes.

    also i’m sure Lech wouldn’t appreciate being thrown up on all over his crotch that would force him to have to bathe.
    and we all know how much Lech loathes bathing.

  3. T-Shaw

    What rosé?

  4. connor Murphy

    @T-Shaw rose is a type of wine, i believe it’s a golden-pinkish hue?

  5. gridsleep

    That glug hand gesture of Lech with Cara’s hand that near his bits, I almost thought he was miming something else.

  6. Ali

    Wonder what Sharas talking about? Gay cant remember a thing… Right? And would of been funny if it landed on leches crotch(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ but that would be disgusting. Whys gay on the couch GET DOWN BEFORE YOU HURT YOURSELF! lmao what am I saying.

  7. connor Murphy

    @gridsleep I mean…people do weird things when drunk. plus if he’s roofied he wouldn’t remember, thankfully or unfortunately depending on how you see it they can tap into the security footage.

    either way they’ll figure out what the heck happened to gay that night.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Oh, dear… Why do I have the feeling that the idiot behind the monkeys poisoning the bear’s water supply is also the one who tainted Gay’s drink? Just saying… That could be coming back with a vengeance!

  9. Mr Demon

    I back tracked, I really want it to be this ‘secret ingredient’ now.

  10. connor Murphy

    @Todd Maccarone that’s…a possibility, but without any proof so far and the only suspect being Vanity, we don’t know.

    Though one line keeps sticking in my head….what the lioness said back then “You know this means war, he will not let this go.” So could the Lion king have sent another one of the monkeys to roofie Gay in order to get information?

  11. Theynamok

    Rose wine is pink…is that why his legs are pink? Was he standing in a tub of wine? But someone else said that his legs turned green before this. I’m intrigued!

  12. Betty

    Hopefully I’m really wrong. Hopefully I am so super wrong and I’m a terrible person for thinking this really dark thought.

    But. Gay says he was roofied. Leech is acting a bit strangely. Gay’s bottom half is dyed pink and more feminine looking.

    Holy shit tell me I’m wrong.

  13. connor Murphy

    @Theynamok more than his legs, his whole body had his fur dyed green.

    that takes place during the Book of evil

  14. connor Murphy

    @Betty it’s not what you think, if anything they just had a one night stand.

    wait…what do you think happened anyway?

  15. Can never decide on a name

    That test is going to say Evil’s blood was in the Rosé, isn’t it?

    …Are we even sure it was really Rosé?

  16. connor Murphy

    Dawn of the final day: 24 hour’s remaining.

    jk it’s 4 hour’s till the next comic.

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