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December 18th, 2017

Page 609

In case you didn’t know: one week till Christmas!  As the kids have been reminding me ALL day Sunday.  I don’t imagine today will be any different, other than EVEN MORE EXCITING!!  I have to wrap stuff and bake stuff and clean stuff, and they get to run around being excited.  Oh well, it’s catching :)

Vote Incentive: Deck the halls with surly super heros! (sang that as I typed of course) and get it on a shirt from Neato.


  1. Shenny

    I love how Tanked switches from intelligent to derp in two seconds flat.

    Yaaay happy Death!

  2. Francis-Olivier

    Oh sure you had nothing to do about this! I mean it’s not like you’re the one mind controling them. It’s all Gay’s fault really.

  3. chasey

    To be fair, it WAS Gay’s idea. Sara basically gave him the go-ahead, though.
    And I know last time was a big scary, sour note for everyone. But, MAN. They are so sensitive! Gay was the one who suffered the most last time so it seems like they’re being big ole babies about what has actually been pretty harmless pranks. (Well, maybe Nerd’s a little traumatized but eh)
    Okay, okay, it seems Lech is being the most sensitive one. I guess being put in a dress REALLY makes his masculinity super insecure. :P Big baby.

  4. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but where the heck is Vanity?! I know he’s a pain, but still… Also, Death is adorable here!

  5. kath

    well in a way, Death has a way to hug (even though it’s a bit shocking in it’s own way.
    (shocking as well, that I had to google what a condom was in regards to an outfit that you wear-)

    Even though you didn’t put it in, I believe everyone heard Crack yell “GERMS!!” as wearing those suits may be pretty personal .

  6. gridsleep

    I just had a thought. That “Father of the Year” picture would be funnier if “Luke” was playing with a USS Enterprise. And “Leia” had a Xena doll.

  7. YetAnoutherBrian

    @ToddMaccarone, We haven’t hit the end yet (one or two more weeks?) I am calling it.
    3rd to last panel, Death: “Anyone seen Vanity?”
    2nd to last panel, Cara, Gay, Tanked with shocked “Uh Oh we forgot” looks on their faces.
    Last panel, Vanity tied up in some sort of Compromising position, “Guys, Guys? this isn’t funny.”

    NOTE: I have tried predicting before and have always been totaly wrong.

  8. Hake Feretto

    this new suit is perfect for Death and it will allow him to finally have a good time with his friends, it will perhaps bring Death to count his story and we could finally discover his past !

  9. Abdiel

    Death’s mouth might be discolored in the 5th panel?

    I hope he’s careful when hugging because I’m still scared that he’ll accidentally shock someone with his head.

  10. T-Shaw

    True that last panel.

  11. Treascair

    Death glomp! <3

  12. Brian Hibbs

    Still have to be careful about that head touching anybody.

  13. Hake Feretto

    @Brian Hibbs it seem that Death’s power work only if he touch someone directely with his skin and this last appear only in his hear, the sole of his feet/hands his nose and his tung. And Gimp was not shocked after have touch his head when they was on the sofa.

    And I think Crack have passed-out cause of his germe-phobia when his fur touched Death’s…

  14. Jasper

    How do i buy an evil hoodie?

  15. admin

    @Jasper: You can get hoodies from this site:

  16. Nila

    hnng~ ><
    Again. Looking back on these moments of happy Death. Too cute!

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