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December 11th, 2017

Page 608

My brothers sent me a pic of the wonderful Christmas present they bought Owen: a giant Nerf gun that fires 3 darts per shot and comes with 36 darts in the drum.  It’s called “The Judge” and I’m not sure he’ll even be able to lift it… so that should cause absolutely no problems or fights what so ever.  I’ve got to start thinking of some great revenge gifts when/if they have kids…

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  1. Jkaboom

    Condom??? Wat?

  2. Shenny


  3. Shenny

    Cara seems awfully calm about all this considering she should be as mad as Prozac right now. Maybe next week we’ll get to see them yell side by side.

  4. Abdiel

    It’s funny that Evil calls the masochist a sadist. I also like how Lech is still holding onto his hat.

  5. Mr Holiday

    If Evil learns of this, he becomes immune to Death =|

    Also, CALLED IT

  6. CJ


  7. Treascair

    Seriously, happy Death is the cutest fucking thing EVER. I want more of this!

  8. kath

    Awww poor Death!! for something that may have meant to be annoying and funny, it really gave him a moment that he could have contact.

    the perfect revenge toy is one that I can’t remember the name of it but you squeezed the paw and you sang along with it (the little mouth opened) and it made different sounds etc. it wasn’t that loud, the batteries lasted FOREVER but the thing had this habit of saying “nite nite, and good bye like 20 min after the kid stopped playing with it, (like it was possessed) it was also not loud enough to be ear splitting, but loud enough that when the kid played with it for six hours straight it was super annoying….

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Well, it’s good to see that everyone’s okay… But where the heck is Vanity?!

  10. Glowworm

    “and why are you wearing a condom?” XD!


    There is a lot of tension in this room.

  12. ed

    The revenge gift is called a drum set!

  13. Bry

    awww, Crack blushing when Cara gives him a blanket (or is that a towel?) so he can dry/warm up

  14. Brian Hibbs

    He looks too terrified to take it back now. Death has contaminated it.

  15. Chels

    Awww.. I love Death. I adore him greatly.

  16. CloudHiro

    you think he’d be a lot better at unzipping things around fur than that.

  17. admin

    @ed: first on my list! There was a God awful bike horn that got passed back and forth a few times when one brother was dating a girl with a little boy, though they broke up and I ended up throwing it away (the MOST obnoxious horn I’ve over heard!!)

  18. T-Shaw

    Looks like Death has a new hobby.

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