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June 5th, 2017

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Got to see Wonder Woman yesterday!  LOVED it!  Except for that part at the end… but it was really fun, and Gal Gadot is amazing, and Chris Pine is my favourite of the Chrises (how would one pluralize Chris??  And if you cared here’s my order: Pine, Evans, Pratt, Hemsworth) but ANYWAY, there were little girls in the theatre dressed in costumes and they were so adorable and my neighbour hit me and said “WHY didn’t WE dress up too?!” so yeah, it was a glorious afternoon (we also stuffed ourselves with sushi and I introduced another woefully ignorant friend to the wonder that is the deep fried sesame ball).

Vote Incentive: inspired by my other fav summer movie so far of course: bed time for Baby Groot!

You can get my ‘Super Childish’ tee on Neatorama and go see the movie :D


  1. ShennyNerd

    I bet Tanked vomited off-panel there. So much for the bath!

  2. T-Shaw

    Oh Tanked, where are they taking you?

  3. Nicole

    Poor Tanked! At least the rampaging duck is gone.

  4. feartheswans

    Has Tanked had enough time to sober up? I can only imagine how bad he’s going to be while sober :3

  5. nooB

    I bet Tanked is a beast when sober

  6. Siraj

    Oh, now this is unusual…

  7. FiliasNox

    how will be his first time with a clear mind probaby in years or months?


    Cocky monkey subcharacters. My favorite kind. Also we know how well animal closing works out so it’s smart that they did it on the bear lol.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Something tells me that monkey was part of the group that made Tanked what he is today. I’m calling it now! Also, that shirt on Tanked- too cute!

  10. Aita

    If the ASPCA really wanted to get donations, they would use the picture from panel 2 in all their ads. My hand was drifting to my wallet after glancing at it when the page loaded.

  11. YetAnoutherBrian

    He has a T-Shirt, so I don’t think he is being transferred to another zoo. I think they are going to a demonstration. look kids this a monkey, and a rude parrot and an Alcoholic Bear.

  12. Bry

    guys, dont u remember a petting zoo being vaguely mentioned? and i think Nerd even said something about a petting zoo when he checked the zoo update. theyre heading to a petting zoo

  13. Evilbob dA

    Dude. Guys. Being sober after being drunk for so long is terrible and not a good idea. In fact, he was probably sober while drunk and now that he’s sober, he’ll be drunk!

    See: Delirium Tremens.

  14. Abdiel

    Does Tanked have one nostril bigger than the other?

  15. Potato

    Tanked looks so cute in that shirt

  16. Elizabeth


    I don’t know how else to get your attetion and I hope you see this but your wonder woman artwork has been stolen and is being printed else where. Facebook suggested it to me and here’s the link where it’s being sold

  17. Calvsie

    Wow… blast from the past Monday. I had to go back and reread a certain origin story. whelp that was a good half hour I didn’t need anyway :P

  18. solrac13

    Are Tank’s eyes supposed to look like that in the first two panels? Looks like he went blind since his pupils are missing.

  19. admin

    @Elizabeth: sigh…. thank you very much for the head’s up, that design in particular is being ripped off continuously lately, but it’s like playing whack a mole- get one taking down, 2 more pop up :(

  20. CorvusCorone68

    guys Tanked has been sober in the strip before, that did not go well, till he got inebriated again

  21. wimbo125

    Hi, I don’t comment very often on things on the internet, but I have to now. I have been reading your webcomic for quite a while now and I wanted to give you a compliment about your amazing art-style and the stories in Bear Nuts… and ofc. how darn cute Tanked looks in the 2nd panel. Anyway, keep up the good work!
    Kind regards from a Dutch fan!

  22. admin

    Hi Wimbo! Welcome to BN and thanks for the lovely comment :)

  23. YetAnoutherBrian

    Tanked sober, I wonder what that would be like. [Looks at avatar picture and smiles]

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