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April 10th, 2017

Page 573

Oh man, worst weekend ever.  Owen has the runs Friday night, by Sat afternoon Jim is puking.  Sat night both of the other boys are vomiting in their beds… the nice weather finally arrives and we spend all Sun in bed (when not running to the bathroom).  LOVELY.

I’m going back to bed.

Vote Incentive: Sushi!!


  1. Abdiel

    Did Gimp’s design change for his pants? I thought that they had holes in the back.

  2. feartheswans

    OMG look at how happy Death is! :D

  3. T-Shaw

    Death joins the fight!

  4. Aldin

    Oh oh, the two ladies lost their mittens in the last panel!

  5. Todd Maccarone

    This is gonna be a good one! My only concern- where’s Evil? I think the fact he can build Stonehenge out of snow is a good indication that he can change the tide of war.

  6. TaggertShare

    Death should be good in a Snow Ball fight. In wars War and Death go hand in hand, or in this case Paw and Paw!

  7. Bry

    aww, my little Death is having so much fun~ look how happy he is~ <3

  8. Brian Hibbs

    He looks amazed that he’s actually holding hands with someone.

  9. Faiz

    Aww… I’ve never seen Death with a glee on his face like that before!

  10. Bri

    The first two panels are the absolute best

  11. S.P

    Forgot their gloves in the last panel, Death being happy is too precious.

  12. Nicole

    I love how Death’s so happy to join in the fun. :)

  13. admin

    @Aldin and SP: Nice catch! oops :(

  14. Vanessa

    Do you guys not have patreon to subscribe to? Bear nuts is awesome! You should try it out.

  15. Laura

    LOVE the second panel! Totally made my day! :D

  16. sulfurwolf1

    I had a pretty painful slip and I hit my back I wish I put pictures/videos in the comments to prove it but it really hurt my day so to heal myself I benge read the entire comic it took about 45 minutes im a quick reader

  17. StoticM

    @sulfurwolf1 Get well soon, Sulfur.

  18. sulfurwolf1

    @StoticM thanks

  19. admin

    @sulfurwolf: Oh no! Hope you feel better!

  20. Potato

    I feel like something bad is gonna happen

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