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April 3rd, 2017

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Snow Death!  Today (Sunday) is actually sunny and warmish.  There’s still an uncomfortable wind but I think spring is finally here :)  Now for the season of mud and soaking wet kid’s boots…

Vote Incentive: fun little ninja themed coffee label design :)


  1. Dusk Hunter713

    First comment.
    Also its nice to see death included for once ^^

  2. T-Shaw

    Join them Death. Their wearing gloves.



  4. Abdiel

    Did they actually laugh out loud or did they say the letters “lol”? If it’s the latter, then it was probably Gay who said it.

  5. ShennyNerd

    I think it was one of the girls actually. Pretty sure Cara has said OMG before.

  6. Vausch

    @Shenny So has Gay.

    Definitely can’t help but love chapters like this. The bears beating each other up is hilarious, but getting along and playing is just adorable.

  7. FiliasNox

    until all escalate in a huge an also enjoyable mess.

  8. Daffu

    Awww, those last few panels, look at them! Specially that last one though; I always get to see Cara being a sweetheart, it’s rare to see Sara give a real smile to anyone not her sister.

  9. differ

    last two panels were totally adorable :3

  10. DJChris

    That’s the best idea the girls ever done, now Death won’t be able kill them and he wouldn’t feel left out

  11. Michael Sirius

    Git gud scrub

  12. All

    Then death touches the snow and ruins everything? lol Anyone else thinking something like that will happen?

  13. Quetzalcoatl

    Am I the only one who is kinda nervous about Evil’s knife that he lost in the snow? Seeing everyone throwing snowballs I expect that knife ending up in someones face.

  14. Dakaggo

    I feel like we’re overdue for a gay/lech moment.

  15. rugibess

    I’m really curious on whose past we will get to see next… at this rate I feel like Alison will likely give each one of the bears a tragic past…

  16. Todd Maccarone

    This is really sweet. Death’s included! Let’s hope this goes over more smoothly than the pool party! Also, where’s Prozac, Tanked and Vanity in all of this?

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