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October 17th, 2016

Page 548

Pro’s going all out with attack magic (I should get to design the next Mortal Kombat, it would be unique.)

Vote incentive: Catfishing

This is likely the last of my Halloween apparel design posts (because Christmas is riiiiiight around the corner!  And has been for months if you go by Costco displays…)  Get Super Dress Up at Shirt.Woot!


  1. Sulfurwolf1

    Omg im early


    Alright. We’re bringing out the corn now.

  3. T-Shaw

    Unleash the CORN!!!!

  4. MicaXIII

    That second panel is very important!(੭ >᎑<)੭<3

  5. Nick Manly

    Gentlemen! I present! CORN!

  6. YourWorstNightmare

    X3 omg he is using Cracks fears!!! The look on his face when that corn hits him XD also, is anyone else screaming awwwww in their head over Evil sheilding Crack from the geese gut spray?

  7. Bri


  8. Starfoxx

    I’ve always loved evil for 2 main resons, 1- he is hilarious, 2- he does have a soft spot.

  9. richard s f

    Not creamed by corn…hope plan B works butter.

  10. Raqoon

    I’ve always wondered what Evil’s voice sounds like….

  11. Michael Sirius

    Prozac, hit him with what calms him, why are you agitating him?

  12. Michael

    i have no recollection of him being afraid of corn. cuz the seeds may grow inside you? ole watermelon pregnant scare?

  13. S.P

    Those guts though. D:

  14. Brian Hibbs

    @michael: Crack was scared of corn around the time Evil got an evil clone of himself:

  15. MicaXIII

    so this made me ship Crack and Evil… Crevil? Evack?

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