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June 23rd, 2014

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I can’t believe my babies are 3!  We’ve made it through the “Terrible 2’s” and have now entered the “Troublesome 3’s”, which all the mommy blogs seem to agree is way worse: they’re still irrational and spontaneous, but with a heaping dose of belligerence and deviousness.  Yay!  More backtalk!  And Evan tried to eat his candle :P  That kid puts sand in his mouth every time we go to the park, and every time he gets upset and drools it all over himself… not sure what to do about that.

We got a chance to see ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ and it was great!  Sam said the whole thing was his “favourite”.  There were some parts I thought might be a bit much for him but he said even the sad bits were his favourite and didn’t seem to have any issues.  We went with some friends who have a slightly older boy and I guess he understood what happened better than Sam did as he was a little upset… or Sam’s just dense :)  He did sit through most of the movie folded up in the seat.  The plus side is we got to draw some fan art together :)

Vote incentive: Astrid totally rocks and Sam is a big Toothless fan.  I should scan his drawings; he even asked me to show him reference images for each character before he drew them :)


  1. Tedflip

    The akward-ness begins!!

  2. T-Shaw

    Ooookkk…. That was weird what the girl did.

  3. TailaBlu

    Something about the PMS Bear dragging Prozac along is just adorable!

  4. Bort

    The one on the right looks like Peyton Manning… :3

    And nice! Congrats!

  5. J.

    Those are some seriously creepy mood swings…. Love it!

  6. Edward

    I knew that there was a dangerous twist to these two.

  7. abowden

    Man that’s not PMS, that’s Bipolar. Super bipolar.

  8. Blacky Blackerson

    Well, looks like we’re off to a roaring start. Seems like Prozac might find a soulmate. They’re both emotionally unstable xD

  9. Gallows

    No abowden, that’s not bipolar, that is pure chaos. And it will get worse for the bears, better for us.

  10. Blacky Blackerson

    Also, I wonder if Slutty and PMS are actually friends, or if they share a disdain for each other like Evil and Nerd or Lech and Gay

  11. All

    @abowden I have to agree the way she is acting is pretty bipolar. Those mood swings are kinda of silly. I know that most woman don’t act like that while they are pms’ing

  12. Irmavep

    LOVE tanked and his uber-sniffing

  13. ertusafgjfgj

    Maybe she has PTSD along with PMS

  14. chase

    So she’s a… bipolar bear? Ah.. ha. Someone should hit me for that one.
    And I think Slutty and PMS will be friendly to each other; I think PMS’s eyeroll was simply because she knows going to bed with someone the second you meet them is super dumb. Or maybe they do know each other and she totally expected it from Slutty because she knows she does it all the time.

  15. Demigoddess

    Panel 3: Soul mates. Panel 6,7,8,9,10,11, basically the rest…: Orrrrrrr not. XD
    @Alison… just wondering, how do you determine when to change the charecter’s eyes? (From big and colorful to dots and vise versa) Is it by their mood? Or when it fits their expressions?
    Love this bear more than Pink. Maybe because I ship her with Prozac and Prozac is awesome. :D and I wuv them
    (Can’t stop laughing at Tank’s expression in panel 9 *cue inception bwahh*)

  16. Libberachi

    LMAO, that’ me today, unfortunately. XD Oh the wonders of PMDD, aka UBER UBER UBER UBER UBER UBER PMS.

  17. glowworm

    I’ve felt like PMS bear before–it’s not fun. One time in college I found myself extremely depressed–and I didn’t know why. Some nice girls who dormed near me let me into their room to try to cheer me up–I only wound up laughing after trying to peel a piece of tape off a balloon and it popped. Later, I discovered why I might have been depressed–hint:it comes once a month.

  18. Trolldrool

    @All That’s the point. None of the bears are meant to be realistic portrayals of their namesake. They’re all their own stereotype, even if not all of them are equally obvious.

  19. Kath

    lol, well, I don’t think that *slutty* is the proper name for the bear with lips. she could just be hot lips, or just simply lips and yeah, perhaps guys would think that having PMS is like being bipolar but, it’s not. Its not all about the tears and the mood swings… or the bloating, or the unreasonable urge to throttle the person who ate all of the chocolate in the house. (well, that’s not totally unreasonable…) as for the eyes, when they are huge, its usually something that they like looking at when they are small, its something that is annoying. unless you are puss in boots, when he uses his big sad eyes and everyone goes “awwwww”

  20. Timmie

    You kid drools?

    Get a St. Bernard or Newfoundland. then you can blame the dog on the drool!

  21. TaggertShare

    Stereotypes aside, I like that purple Bear. She reminds me of a girl I knew in College. I never knew what to expect from her. She became one of the best Drinking Buddies I ever had, it was the only times she was predictable. The rest of the time watch out! The girls in her Dorm told me I was a sweet Guy after finding her passed out on the College’s lawn. I had not been with her that night. I carried into the Dorm, and the girls there called an ambulance. They had to pump her stomach.

    The next time I saw her she was her usual unpredictable self. She went back to Massachusetts after that semester. Damn, I really miss that Girl!

  22. Thwaitesy

    I love that “WTF” look on Tanked’s face in the 9th panel.

  23. Alister

    Is it just me, or does Tanked look like he’s doing the chicken dance in the second panel?

  24. Bry

    well…at least Lech is enjoying himself… (or is he~???) lol PMS Bear seems to be the type to be naturally sweet but switches between sorrow and, probably, rage at random…i love it xD

  25. Therew

    Panel 9. The look on tanked’s face. Perfect.

  26. Rainey

    I like this purple bear very much. =D

  27. Rivethart

    I love your comic! It’s hilarious, and very well drawn. I was wondering, did you know that most bear species are able to ‘delay implantation’? I was able to visit a bear study site near a local college (which included holding 4-week-old cubs that, unfortunately, did not have any marks on their tummies). Anyway, after having sex, a female bear can keep the fertilized eggs inside her for months before allowing them to implant into the uterine wall. Maybe Lech & Slutty won’t have to worry about any ‘surprises’ from their activities. At least not right away! I can’t wait to see more of the bears!

  28. Yu Huo

    Oh I love her already.
    And I love Nerd and Evil sharing a moment there in the last panel… nice.

  29. chocoblue

    “Huh.” Evil in panel one describe’s my reaction to last weeks comic, lol. I love miss purple bear already! Oh, and Prozac looked like miss purple was pulling on his arm a bit too hard. Do her mood swings grant her super strength?

  30. Ravako

    Poor PMS bear. I know /that/ feel.

  31. ...

    Hate to sound like a nag especially since they’ve just been but do you know when there’s going to merchandise for the two new characters? I”d love to buy stickers of them. =)

  32. Cam

    I think Prozac found his soul mate.

  33. Magasek

    Love today’s comic! And gotta say, Astrid and Stormfly, totally awesome!!!

  34. Urago

    Panel 6: Aww, poor PMS… :3 *Gives her some chocolate*

  35. rphb

    the worst is yet to come, y haven’t heard of the frightening 16 have you? that is where boys start to get really difficult and girls become impossible

  36. Thesa Girl

    Called it! PMS bear. Hahaha! She and Prozak are going to be the best of friends… maybe he should share his pills with her?

  37. admin

    @ Demigoddess: I use the tiny pupils to push expressions. In general their big eyes are relaxed/default and switch to pinpoints for bigger reactions.
    @ Taggertshare: whoa, I hope she’s okay now!
    @ Rivethart: That is absolutely fascinating. How? What’s the mechanism for that? Purely hormonal? I’ll have to look that up!
    @ rphb: everyone’s always complaining about the teen years but I was an angel :) So hopefully… good karma comes my way??

  38. SCyberTaz

    Well at least they didn’t get a bi polar bear, that would be awkward. Especially with the bad-blood between the other polar bears…

  39. Boodle

    That… is actually somewhat of a fairly good representation on what happens to me during my monthlies. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I’ve had that emotional rollercoaster before.

  40. Alister

    @Thesa Girl: I don’t think she needs some of his mood enhancers, they probably just need to stock up on a hell of a lot of chocolate and Midol.

  41. Chris

    Oh God it starts….

  42. Constace

    I’m probably the most placid person on my period. I just start bleeding and roll my eyes, lmao.

  43. Pinkle

    I wonder if the Bear Bio page will get updated? o.o I have an “idea” what the two new bears might be but I’d like a confirmation xD

  44. chocoblue

    No one has mentioned that Tanked hasn’t puked :) He’s quite focused.

  45. Mazz

    Toddlers are like little drunk and irritated college stupids, not just while their 2 haha.
    Mine is 11 now, pre-teen. :C

    Omg this PMS bear and her emotional freakouts, perfect fit for Prozac

  46. Elfie-chan

    Wow, i love the newest additions! I had seen both PMS Bear and Slutty Bear on your deviant art page and also their character outlines on the Bear Bio Page; but still i was sad Toxic Bear was there :c Oh well, i know i’ll just love these girls<33 So, is there going to be romance at all? I know you said no triangle love but, i would love to see somee connection between PMS bear + Prozac<3

  47. Rivethart

    I found more information about delayed implantation for you! It’s also called embryonic diapause. Bats, kangaroos, badgers, minks, weasels and around 100 more different mammal species do it. It looks like it depends on evolution, body factors, and environment to trigger, though I didn’t see anything about hormones playing a role, though I’m sure they do in some capacity.

    I can’t wait for tomorrows update – I want to see what happens next with the lovely new lady bears!

  48. Ninkurou

    PMS Bear is so Cute, and she is emotionally unstable just like Prozac! I think Thesa Girl is right, they will need to share some pills. =D

  49. WerewoofVonMindfang

    I was waiting for them to start with the insanity, she seems sweet though regardless of her outburst(s)

    I like her :)

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