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June 16th, 2014

Page 426

Happy late Father’s Day to those it particularly applies to.  Jim got to sleep in while I fed/cleaned/entertained the kids…. just like EVERY DAY.  I’m thinking we should re-assess this Jim voluntarily works evenings thing because it’s really only benefiting one of us…

Last Monday we took the boys to the Toronto zoo for the twin’s birthday.  We were there 4 hours and we still didn’t see everything (toddler pace).  I thought going in mid June that it wouldn’t be that hot yet (especially after this winter) but it was 29C and sunny so all the big outdoor animals were passed out in the shade, just like last time I went.  The pandas were adorable though, and the kids had a blast.  Plus ice-cream,so that was the first thing they told their uncles about of course.  I did get to have an interesting chat with a panda keeper that confirmed some stuff I was roughly aware of: male pandas are only fertile for like 2 days out of the year.  Pandas are anti-social in general, plus their ridiculously limited diet doesn’t give them a lot of energy so they’re kind of too lazy to go seeking a mate.  So the chances of finding a female in heat within that 2 day span are pretty small.  The zoo’s female was impregnated with frozen sperm from China instead so Toronto’s male panda is pretty much useless :)  Interestingly, it can take up to 160 days for a fertilized egg to even implant so the keepers are playing a waiting game with the occasional ultrasound.  If Er Shun is pregnant, the gestation is only 45 days.

Considering how evolution is always pushing adaptation and survival of the fittest, pandas are hilariously too apathetic to procreate.  If they weren’t so darn cute would humans even intervene?  It’s only fair since we’re wreaking their habitat, but they certainly get more love and resources than black rhinos for instance (and WAY more shelf space in the gift shop, including their own gift shop for one.)

I’m not sure when I’m going to get the chance to see this movie but I can’t wait.  We’ll probably take Sam, he sits very patiently in movies and seems transfixed, as in barely answers me when I ask him questions.  How Not to Train Your Dragon is available today only (and a little bit Tuesday, like till lunch time I think) on RIPT:

Vote incentive:  The rough little doodle that inspired this design.  And that is of course a Jayne call out on the last panel… kindred spirits I suppose?


  1. Blacky Blackerson

    Well, that was fast, Lech 0.0

    And just before I’m pretty sure “Kissy Heart” Bear was gonna shag Nerd. Well, it’s pretty easy to tell what the pink one’s best at xp. But now we learn the purple one…

    Unless of course the pink one has something to hide which will make Lech not want her xD

  2. DozerTheDozerian

    Well, Tanked and Crack tried their best…

  3. Edward

    I don’t know why or how, but I got a feeling that there is an edge to Miss Kiss mark and her friend that will end with things going super pear-shaped.

  4. Delakando

    Yeah looks like that one’s slutty

  5. YourWorstNightmare

    Can’t help but wonder why the pink one is the ONLY one with any form of clothing… it just seems a little strange and slightly suspicious

  6. All

    Did Lech do the talking for both of them, or did she actually talk? Because so far they have not said a word and I wasn’t sure..

  7. Urago

    (Nerd mode activate)PMS kind of reminds me of a monster from Legend of Legaia in the 4th panel, for some reason.

  8. Daka

    Oh god… is the pink one a guy? I mean probably not but the extra clothing plus lech getting lucky doesn’t seem likely and something has to ruin it… plus adding Gay into that situation…

  9. pinecat

    AWWWWW, I love how the pink one just protected the purple one. (And I can’t wait to see what mischief she’s about to do to Lech)

  10. D.Durand

    Yes, women are often like that, but it’s surprizing in a comics : you authors are so politically correct.

  11. cat

    i wonder why the purple one hasn’t spoken yet? and obviously the pink one isn’t a guy, i mean zookeepers aren’t dumb now (but then again it is a discount zoo) and can bears be sluts? c’mon now

  12. abowden

    Yeah those two are going to get on famously. the look on nerd’s and, whatever the name of that other female bear is (idk yet), is simply PRICELESS.

  13. Wasted

    im also kinda confuzed about panel 12… did she say that or did he? seems like he’s so confident he’s having conversations with himself now xD

  14. Tesek

    beavertails > ice cream

  15. chocoblue

    I love how Lech just lifts Nerd off the ground with one hand ;)

  16. Constace

    Lol… I imagine Lech is about to scream like a little girl. =P

  17. glowworm

    Heh, Tanked’s greeting was cute.

  18. Sterling Rodd

    Well, even the ease with which Lech has managed to carve one off from the crowd… and I’m faintly surprised he wanted privacy… doesn’t necessarily reflect on the girl’s character. Remember, she’s there with a job to do. A creepy-weird biological job, but, you know, a job just the same.

    I don’t think there’s anything unusual in one of them having a skirt. It’s just an attempt to be feminine, I expect. Shorthand, like Nerd’s glasses meaning he’s intelligent, obsessive, and socially awkward (though he seems to be on the ball today). What could the skirt be hiding anyway? After all, if the guys had anything to show, we’d have seen it by now. :lol:

  19. Ninkurou

    That girl and lech…. Somehow I alreandy knew that this was going to happen betwen the two. By the symbol I think that this girl is going to be either “love” or “lust”. But most probrably lust.

    The other girl, I can’t guess yet about he personality but maybe she is the PMS Bear? Just like Prozac times nice and times… Angry, very angry… However Prozac can control it. Its possible that she can’t.

  20. Shriek

    Oh my god the firefly reference!

  21. tigerbiten

    Yes, you MUST go see HTTYD 2! I took my 10yr old and we enjoyed it immensely! Oh, bring tissue. Some scenes will are just that emotionally–I had to use my jacket. :c

  22. Laurat81

    What’s in her hand in the last panel? lipstick?

  23. Wally Wolf

    Lech and Slutty. That was expected. And I love it.

  24. Dinosauregg

    I’m already pretty sure that the purple bear is going to be PMS… plus, probably just a coincidence, but those colors made me imagine her as a girl Incredible Hulk XD

  25. J.

    She’s going to eat him alive.

  26. PeanutGallery

    Gotta note that I love the pink one protecting the purple one, but still making her own choice…She understands its not for everyone and you can tell she’s gonna demand respect for her and others sexual autonomy! :D Awesome message.

  27. mt14

    Well, after all, bears *are* animals… Did you really expect them to act like humans, sex-wise I mean?

  28. Yu Blueit

    I can think of several other twists with the girls, myself.

    Some names for the pink gal that might be rather unpleasant surprises for Lech:
    Transvestite, Transgender, Dentata, Herpes, AIDS, Cannibal, Tease, Disguise…

    And some other ideas for the purple bear besides PMS:
    Menstration, Contraceptive, Virgin, Toxic Shock…

    Consdiering that the other name for the bear characters is “Vice Bears,” the darker names seem more likely.

  29. Dinosauregg

    Just bought one of those How NOT to Train t-shirts :D Can’t wait to get it :3 Sooo cute!

  30. TaggertShare

    Yes, they are animals. Animals often sniff butts. I grew up on a farm. Females can go from being very passive to
    very aggressive when they go “in heat”. I take it from the Sniff Lech gets from The Pink one she may be about to do so. With that said such females can be very unpredictable. So be careful Lech.

    I once had my back turned to a young Heifer (female cow) who my Father said “she may getting ready for her first Heat”. She tried to mount and hump me! Luckily I saw her coming for me out of the corner of my eye and was able to grab onto a post or she may have flattened me. I limped back up from the barn that day! So beware Lech!
    You may end up limping out of your bunk!

  31. Whitnay

    …and that leaves Nerd and PMS standing together outside. omg I hope they become besties. That’d be hilarious!

  32. Winslow

    This is so exciting! I love the two new bear girls! I can’t wait to see how their characters progress :)

  33. Sterling Rodd

    @TaggertShare: “Let’s face it; it could have been beautiful…” :) [Mark Renton, Trainspotting]

  34. Demigoddess

    @TaggertShare thank you SO much for helping me with this page… I don’t think I understood it well enough. I thought LECH was sniffing PINK. And then, you know, she just found it attractive and not weird at all and went away to bed with him. (You can see where I had my issue).
    (Question… how come Prozac didn’t smell like the alpha to Pink? Or will she totally spaz out when he Hulks up?)
    I just realized… I wrote a comment in the earlier pages saying something along the lines of “I really hope Lech actually tries to impress them as in “Sup giiirl” instead of “YOU. ME. BED. NOW.”” And look where we are XD

  35. Charleston chew

    haha saw that a mile away. those two wasted no time eh? would be kinda ironic if it turns out mr hotshot there only shoots blanks. Actually it would be funny if the two females turn out to be sterile…. Discount zoo and all. Wouldnt be suprising.

  36. jeroen

    I’m not sure I’m going to get to see it either. My eldest likes the tv-show, untill she saw the movie, now it scares her…
    I did get to do a billboard sized picture for the movie for our local cinema this week.

    As for the bears… …I think lech is going to be in so much trouble!

  37. LilDazed

    This is Slutty! I guarantee she’s gonna get her groove on with the other bears too in no time. I can totally picture Lech getting jealous. ;)

  38. Chase

    SO far, I think Nerd’s made the best impression. Other than Lech, obviously. Death hasn’t tried yet though, for good reason, and neither has Evil. I feel like I’d rather see Nerd score than Evil…

  39. Lenny

    I appreciate the Firefly reference.

  40. Zairak

    I feel like Nerd is more stunned by Lech’s callback to Han Solo in Star Wars than anything.

  41. Thesa Girl

    OH come on! Purple bear has a tampon on her stomach! she’s going to be more moody and bitchy than prozak is with one of his ‘mood swings’.
    and just going with ‘the seven deadly sins’ theme thing here, i’m thinking Lech can either be lust or pride but i’m thinking more pride and gimp is lust, Tanked is gluttony, sloth bear is obviously sloth, Wrath could be evil or even prozak when he’s in a mood. Vanity is vanity. the other’s are less obvious sins, however that said, greed and envy are left unused.

  42. Trolldrool

    I foresee the next page being him handcuffed to the bed screaming for help while she’s getting ready with her favorite toys, including clown make up and a blowtorch. Or something else equally absurd and not at all what everyone, Lech particularly, are expecting.

  43. Gallows

    @Thesa Girl You mean with his obsession to collecting toys Nerd isn’t greed? The guy is breaking the boundaries of bears and humans just to order more crap online for himself. And depending how he feels about his powers, Death Bear could be Envy if he really wants to be as normal as the other bears. Understandable envy, but still envy.

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