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December 31st, 2012

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Happy New Year everyone!

STILL in the process of moving.  We have until the 4th to get everything out and clean up.  How have I accumulated so much stuff??  Though if we eliminated all kid’s toys and clothes from the equation I think we would have been done in one day…  I have about 3 too many strollers for one thing.  And infant car seats are neither recyclable or permitted for re-sale through consignment shops, and I have three of the darn things.

And Owen has learned “no”.  Lovely.

Crack hand!


  1. kath

    clean them up and leave them at womens shelters as a donation. They will pretty much take everything that you would have to help battered women and displaced children.

    and you never really *do* get compleatly unpacked.

    they are going to need *alot* more bandages….

  2. gamehunter

    LoL Gay why did you not just drop the panda!???!?! but NOOOO you HAD to take YOUR time talking shit!! Damn you!!! >:(

  3. Kate-Hedgehog

    I look forward to Mondays not only because of Bear Nuts updates, but because of your rants about your life. I feel a less dramatic version of your pain. (Though it’s not that much less…)

  4. Nicole

    Panel 7 is great! :D Tell me Vanity did not mean for that to happen…

    Also love Nerd’s “d’awww” cute face in panel 12.

  5. Beta

    Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the Monday-Friday Holiday updates? If not, I really do appreciate it. It’s made the holidays very much enjoyable. It’s been a good gift to us all. :)

  6. Gumballs81

    Might want to hurry up with those bandages, fellas.

  7. gamehunter

    HAPPY NEW 2013 !!! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!

  8. Fazzey

    And Vanity did NOT think that through. He should have waited till Gay pulled him up further, THEN knocked him in ACCIDENTALLY.

    On a side note…Kids learn “no” so fast…And they know when to use it in the most aggravating way at the most inconvenient times.
    Kids. The gift that keeps on giving…Grey hairs, ulcers, panic attacks, stress, love, vomit, sweet little gifts at the oddest times, smiles, the knowledge that it could have been worse…ECT.

  9. Jeroen

    This fight is getting from bad to worse. You planning on doing mummy bears for the rest of the year?

    Good luck moving, and it’s true, you never really do get unpacked, still the packing itself can be hard enough.

    Also, thanks for the raves, it makes my life with 2 daughters so much more bareable.

    You can’t re-sell carseats? Hmmmm, not a problem over here (not that I’d ever buy a secondhand carseat from someone I didn’t know very well) donation is always an option when you are really and truely done with them. There is allways someone who needs but can’t afford.

  10. All

    I agree with Fazzey and gamehunter. I would of said the same thing as them, but they stole my commit. ;p

  11. Beta

    Keep the Crack hand strong!

  12. Urago

    Wow, Vanity. You and Gay had a Double KO.

  13. octo_rez

    @Jeroen The problem with used car seats is the same as with helmets: the plastic looses it’s protecting structure after 2 years and will not protect you adequately afterwards…

    Maybe the bears should think about protective clothing? That zoo is a dangerous place :-)

  14. Manuel

    Greetings from Argentina!
    So I’ve finally finished reading all the pages (from 1 to this one). I found about the site in this article from the Economist [*]. The sad part is that now I will have to wait for the next page like everyone =(.
    I love the comic and I love to read about your life too.

    (Just to let you know, there are some missing images in the previous pages.)


  15. admin

    @Kath: I thought your suggestion was great so I looked up local shelters and due to ever changing safety guidelines they won’t accept ANY baby stuff! wtf
    @Kate: Ha, as long as you’re not getting sick of my ranting, and I really abbreviate what goes up too!
    @Beta: You’re welcome, but now they’re done :(
    @Fazzey: Electro convulsive therapy??
    @Manuel: Welcome to BN! And thanks for the link to the article, I never saw that :) Sorry some of the old images are gone, I had a bit of a corruption issue and I don’t know if I’ll ever have time to try and find out all that’s missing and where. There are some extras on the Facebook page though:

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