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December 28th, 2012

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Forgot to set this one up last night!  I still don’t have a desk so I’m set up on the dining room table and half my office stuff is still at the old house which still needs to be cleaned and emptied.  Yet another snow storm last night is impeding that process :(

Anyway, Gay gets some revenge.  I’m sure he won’t take it too far…

Shirt Woot Unstealthiest Ninja sale on now but only until the 31st!  Hoodies and long sleeve tees available since some of us are totally mired in cold.

Here’s my late Christmas image thanks to Rogers cutting our internet off a day early ARRGH.  And the vote incentive is in honor of a friend of mine who just had twins.  I think there’s something in the water around here.


  1. Sperkle

    Oh finally somebody beats up Vanity with some good old punches.

  2. abowden

    he totally deserves that lol.

  3. Chase

    FINALLY. Little brat. XD

  4. Delakando

    Vanity will remember this for the rest of his life and hopefully he gets humbled!

  5. Duez

    Yowza, he sure can pummel! D: Vengeance, what a thing. XD

  6. TheGayHare

    So would the last panel count as gay bashing

  7. Urago

    Should Santa really let Tanked out of all the bears sit on his lap? He might get puked on. :P

  8. All

    YAY! Good for Gay. I was expecting him to do something like that. Haha Vanity you totally had that coming.

  9. Sperkle

    Urago: I’d let Tanked sit on my lap before I’d ever let Evil cone close to it. :P

  10. Kitsunekage

    Ya know, vanity, bigger usually means stronger…… And I hope the irony of your statment in panel 7 isn’t lost on you.

  11. Alister

    All of those fights with Lech finally paid off it looks like. DAMN Gay can throw a good punch now!

  12. Gumballs81

    I kind of like Vanity, but he’s really earned this.

  13. zuros

    “All of those fights with Lech finally paid off it looks like. DAMN Gay can throw a good punch now!”

  14. dexter

    Wow Gay… that was messed up.

  15. corvuscorone68

    ahahahahaha TheGayHare good one

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