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October 8th, 2012

Page 336

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!  The babies ate (nearly) all their turkey with no complaints.  I am continuously amazed at the amount of food they can fit in their tiny bellies.  Sam, on the other hand, is fully capable of complaining.

Does anyone else’s family do the jello salad thing?  That’s like jello with fruit salad in it.  We’ve had that with every big family dinner I can remember and my husband always looks at it funny and calls it “weird white people food”.  Sam wouldn’t eat it because it had the fruit IN it and that was a problem, no matter that he quite likes fruit.  My kid has also turned his nose up at different kinds of pie lately, I am shocked.  Who’s picky about pie??

Supernatural started last week so yay!  It’s been limping along like a half dead shadow of it’s former self since season 5 ended but I’ll keep watching, even if they’ve killed off like everybody now… Bobby… but Crowley’s fun so we’ll see where it goes.  Anyway, in honor of season 8 my Metallicar design is up in our Society6 shop.

In further honor of the colder weather (ugh) Smorr the dragon.


  1. riu


  2. baloneyjustice

    I see a flaw in his plans…. Lech can’t get must more deevolved and still be a bear..

  3. Thorn

    Cutest Nerd faces ever!

  4. richard s f

    Quick question, how good is Nerd’s aim? Should I be hiding behind something way over here?

  5. Stravec86

    Ok! I see a masive backfire comming on!!! Either nerd, lech or tank is ganna get hit with that thing and it is going to be on the wrong setting if it works at all ( which is how i see nerd or tank getting hit with it.) either he hits him self trying to get it to work after it fails to work the first time or just misses him and bounces off something and hits tanked causing tank to either gain intellagence or go old england nobelman as seen in prior strip in tankeds’ story.

  6. Jeroen

    Season 8. I’m stuck somewhere halfway season 5, stupid network stopped airing it and the dvd relases go very slow.

  7. Xint22

    No. Thats my salad

  8. Lucky75

    They sell jello n fruit like that here in Australia in little cups… i had mandarin in orange jelly and peach in mango jelly for dessert lol….

    loving the comic, bit skeptical as to the authenticity of nerd’s devolution gun lol… the words “genuine replica” come to mind :D

  9. CBob

    I was picky about pie too when I was a kid. I liked pumpkin and keylime and lemon and banana creme, but that was about it. Berry pies were to syrupy sweet for even me, and although I liked apples, I didn’t like the slimy, soft texture that they acquired as pie filling. Never had pecan till I was an adult, and there’s many a pie I still haven’t had the chance to try at all (like rhubarb, I’m very curious about what rhubarb pie tastes like)

    Don’t really care for dried or rehydrated apples either, come to think of it. Apples are just supposed to be crisp textured and clear tasting, any thing else just feels/tastes like apples left to go brown to me.

    My family has always done the jello salad thing too (it’s part of the standard thanksgiving spread here). Gotta say, although I’ve never thought of it in those terms, I have to agree with your husband. Even as a white guy, I think “weird white people food” is pretty apt. That stuff was always a little bit WTF to me, even having grown up with it.

    In fact it’s now hilariously easy to imagine myself confounding my relatives next thanksgiving by looking at the Jello salad, shaking my head softly and saying “white people…” under my breath. That’s totally going to happen, and it’s not even going to be deliberate. Your hubby’s planted the seed in my head, and now I’m just never going to be able to think of jello salad any other way.

  10. Sperkle

    We do the jello fruit dish at every big family event here in Minnesota and North Dakota so I don’t think its weird. But as for Sam not liking pie I guess its just like my 2 year old brother not liking meat. (Im 24 so yeah) But I’m sure theyll both grow into it.

  11. viki

    Trifle! Aka layers of jello with fruit, custard and cookies. As far as I know this dessert has its origins in English cooking. My maternal grandma used to make it every Christmas. I think it’s delicious awesomeness but my husband is utterly opposed to putting anything in jello. A real life jello puritan. ;)

  12. Doug

    My wife’s family always had the 3-layer jello salad thing and I got so used to it that it became one of my “tasks” on the day of! Our daughter, on the other hand will barely touch the stuff – this from the kid who, after a bit of turkey gravey touched her salad, now pours gravey on her salads at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  13. raeByppilF

    I’m thinking Lech is gonna become stronger and dumber. And then shit is gonna hit the fan.

  14. All

    I love Supernatural, Dean is a hunk.

    I wonder what that gun is going to do to him. I was thinking the same as raeByppif, that he becomes a nerd himself.

  15. Lucifus

    Can’t help but think something goes REALLY wrong. (or Nerd transfers their DNA and becomes strong while Lech becomes weak)

  16. kath

    the more you make an issue about the kid not eating the food the bigger the issue becomes because they are watching the reaction of the parents. I never ate cottage cheese, yogurt or blue cheese, though I love cheese, there were some that I never would touch. years later they found out that I was allergic to the molds that made those cheeses. When they are aged, (or really well cooked in lazagnia) I was fine.

    My sister makes this frozen fruit jello salad that is served first. Part of the holiday alure was that way back when, canned fruit was bloody expensive and the only time you had it was at the holidays. Kids do not understand the concept of not having fruit year round, and that the only way that you did was ether to freeze it (strawberrys) or to can them or to have relatives drive down to florida over the weekend then drive back so that you would have fresh navel oranges in your christmas stalkings with the fresh nuts. Canned fruit back then was pretty taistless stuff, unless you got the part with the marachino cherry, and that was pretty decient, so in order to get the fruit into you, they mixed it with the jello (another new novelty back then) and served it.

    my parents always had peanut butter and jelly in the cupboards if we didn’t like what was being served. We were told to at least try a tiny bite, and we could decide later if we didn’t like it, and if we didnt, then there was more for the rest of them. with exceptions there were very few times that we turned our noses up at anything, and we learned to eat a wide range of foods that other kids never even heard of. to this day, we love artichoke hearts and let the others know when they show up at our supermarkets.

    some kids do have a dislike for sweets, or develope it, my brother hated cakes and sweets all his life, and when he married, they made zuccinie bread for the part of the cake that they had to cut and eat.

    You are an awsome mom, and its highly unlikely that your kids will starve.

    CBob, Rubabarb pie is – something that you mix with other fruits to take the sour away from it, Its about as sour as you would want to eat, and its the stems of a plant thats cut up pretty fine with strawberrys and cherrys piled in there and sugar, (and sometimes brandy) and its cooked. some people say it taists like a sour kiwi, It was probably used as an extender pie filling as it mixed with the other fruits, and was in expensive to grow.

  17. poco

    Yayyy! GO NERD!

  18. Lauren

    This will certainly end badly. I anticipate influence from Evil.

  19. Thorn

    I know that that gun is going to end up doing nothing, and it’ll most likely end up just being broken, or Nerd will get another kick in the nuts or something like that, but I have to say for just this once…I really wish it did actually do what is implied – that it did actually de-evolve Lech and then you could do a whole awesome arc about finding a way to undo it – or just forget about it the next arc as most people do anyway.

  20. Kate-Hedgehog

    Your Sam sounds like my Connor… They would make a formidable picky force. Chefs would quiver at the very mention of their names!

  21. silverfang16

    This will never work… -_-

  22. Zermel

    I bet he ordered it not knowing it was a model.Maybe it does work or he could have even built it himself.I really want to see what the “primordial soup” setting will do!

  23. Duez

    Hehe, pie can be fickle sometimes! XD Not everyone wants a finger in each one, I guess! o:
    Also, as far as the page, I just adore Nerd’s face during the “Primordial Soup” line. How snazzy he would look if a tuxedo was thrown over him! XD

  24. Urago

    Just saying, but I dreamed of the cast of Bear Nuts completely making up(Even Evil) and living in harmony to the sound of Imagine from John Lennon.

  25. Beta

    Sam sounds like someone I know. Kind of like me ;D

    Have I mentioned that this comic is awesome?

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