Page 335
October 1st, 2012

Page 335

Just realized the pages I’m sketching now also have Nerd storming off to his room… getting to be a bit of a drama queen this one.

My walking twins have now become climb over the baby gate and fall on their heads twins, or at least just one of them so far.  Either Evan has better sense, or he just hasn’t figured it out yet.  Owen’s always been more adventurous, and generally sports the forehead bruises to prove it.  He’s also taken up biting lately.  We’d just gotten over a couple of weeks of Sam doing that too (not in a malicious way, sort of an experimental ‘look at that mark on the baby’s leg that I made’ way).  Sam ripped a toy out of Owen’s hand and Owen went berserk and sunk his 7 tiny teeth into Sam’s wrist.  Sam started to cry and dither about “Da baby bit mine arm!” and I laughed.  Sam hasn’t bitten since, Owen’s bit me.

If you have a Threadless account today’s the last day to vote for “There’s Something Weird About Timmy“, a slightly cute and slightly strange Halloween themed design.  As always, votes are super appreciated guys!

And lastly, a bit more holiday cheer.


  1. SoundwaveTheUnchresomatic

    Uh-oh, big trouble’s heading Letch’s way…

  2. Aephius

    I figured lech as the type to not admit that sorta thing

    ALSO, have you guys noticed the facial expressions are getting more vivid and lively lately? Good job, Alison!

  3. Nicole

    Evil’s Bane! :D Excellent!

  4. Alexander B

    I just noticed he has built a mantle for the club he hit evil with lol

  5. Silvertail

    My sister has twin boys, under a year, who I sometimes watch. Now I am afraid…

  6. Duez

    Haha, oh Lech, you never cease to make me snicker. X3 Love that face after that remark he makes. XD
    Also, oh snap, rummaging always results in dangerous things! o:

  7. Xint22


  8. NekoD

    The way Lech defied in the 2nd to 3rd panel was hillarious.

  9. Glowworm

    “I only do that in private.” XD!

  10. Rainey

    Club, deerstalker hat, Superman cape and Death Star ball…..Nerd’s bedroom looks like my husband’s room. XD

  11. silverfang16

    Need a Lech’s bane now. :P

  12. NAME

    alison, i love this comic, and i get you have two kids so this comic may not be a priority, but please get a writer.
    i see this too often that a great artist will just write their own comics thinking its funny, but this comic really isen’t.
    the art is great, dont get me wrong and i think the charetors are funny themselfs, but they do bland things, like when tanked had a neckbrace, why? it didnt lead to anything or go anywhere. same when evil was in a cast they just forgot about it next week.
    i still like this comic, so i would love to see it get better, and like i said earlyer twin babys so if you cant i understand

  13. Dubael

    My kids weren’t much for biting, but I swear my daughter could get my son to do all sorts of things like ‘crawl out of his crib’ et cetera. We were downstairs, the twins (supposedly) safely tucked in for the night when we hear this loud THUMP! Running up stairs, we find Nathaniel on the floor crying, and Serena literally rolling around in her crib, laughing hysterically.

  14. kath

    this can’t end well, then again, poor nerds been getting the brunt of things and it’s just bound to happen that he tosses in a bit of carnage.

    There is a rather viral video of “Charlie bit me” the boys are older now, and have been interviewed a bunch of times…

  15. baloneyjustice

    You know.. things never end well when Nerd get angry.. Nerd is just a scary motherXXXXXX like that…

    Ask Evil all about it!

  16. Nicole

    NAME, Tanked had a neck brace because he fell from the sky and injured himself. We have no idea how much time has passed between the end of the last story and the beginning of this one. So it’s very possible it has been several weeks and Tanked has healed up just fine and needs no neck brace.

    Regarding your suggestion that Alison get a writer, perhaps you don’t realize that Alison does this as a hobby and for fun and allows us to come along for the ride. I doubt she’s making bazillions of bucks off of Bear Nuts. So relax. She doesn’t need a writer. She’s had fantastic story arcs and bear back stories. Give her a break and let her have fun with her characters.

  17. D.Durand

    Yes Nerd, good bear…

  18. Kate-Hedgehog

    :3 I love your kids and how you talk about them. It makes me feel better about mine *looks over at the 5 year owls sprawled over the back of the couch* Now the 2 year old is plotting doom on his brother and laughing. And lifting up his shirt… He’s going to flip the oldest over the couch, I have to go.

  19. HaruhiFan

    On one side I feel like this is going to blow up in his face…..but on thew other hand I feel like it’s going to work.

  20. raeByppilF

    Ha! Great comeback, Lech XD

  21. Kenichi340

    That Lech needs a comeuppance with the way he’s been behaving lately.

  22. Cam

    What’s that thing Evil’s Bane? Is it about our Evil, or another reference?

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