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March 18th, 2011

Page 260

I really wanted to expand on the intervention fiasco but ultimately it wasn’t a focus point and the upcoming “Origin of Tanked” arc is already a 25 page and counting behemoth so shortened it was.  It probably would have just devolved to a couple of pages of Tanked cramming random small animals into his mouth which would have been fun to draw… I thinking eating a squirrel whole is probably a choking hazard though.

So an update on the parasites:  we had our first appointment with a high risk specialist and another ultrasound yesterday.  No membrane found so definitely still monoamniotic twins.  Fortunately there wasn’t any obvious cord tangling or a significant size difference.  There was however an unfortunate abundance of penises for someone who kinda wanted a girl.  Jim likes to say there’s “a sausage fest” in my belly, or his other line is “No tangles but lots of dangles!”  At least someone’s having fun with this.  It’s funny because beforehand I wasn’t really concerned either way and since we’re used to boys and have all boy clothes and toys I thought it wouldn’t matter.  It’s the absolutes that get you though.  I was staring at the tiny wenis on the screen and realized I’ll never have a girl.  Hopefully I get lots of nieces someday so I can buy little dresses. I told Jim in the meantime I’d just spend that money on girly clothes for me… if my chest ever goes back to the way it was of course.

So Jim gets his way again.  He hates boy bands and musicals and Britney Spears and has an irrational fear of date rape and finds teenage girls terrifying in a screechy, emotional way.  I try to tell him that’s not always the case, I for instance was a really easy going teenage girl to raise, as were my friends.  Little boys on the other hand tend to be loud, hitting, mess makers which he doesn’t see as a problem.  His family of three boys always communicated by yelling and punching (with occasional games of “Let’s throw rocks at each other!”) so he doesn’t generally get my concern.  I predict my sanity will be more than half way gone by this time next year.  Perhaps that will be a good thing for Bear Nuts :)

Evil’s been a little upstaged lately which doesn’t seem right so here’s a commission sketch of my a-hole bear at it again.


  1. Александр

    Очень хороший комикс ! Автор крут !

  2. Sterling Rodd

    @Guairdean — That’s true, and many boys have sewing machines and purses and say “Fierce!” when they find just the right hair dye colour. You never can tell. :)

    @Blacky — It looks to me as though Gay and Gimp are just pals who understand each other really well, annnnd support each other’s hobbies; look at it that way. ;) Hmm, “Spring Break”, “Spring Break”, what is this “Spring Break” of which you speak…? Ohhhh yes: dim memories come to me now of that thing adults call “Just Another Workweek”, right; yeah… yeeeahhh. Well, glad you enjoyed yourself while the rest of us were busy making the world safe for democracy, free enterprise, and cable TV. You’ll be paying your dues soon. :P

  3. Broodmaster

    Is it just me or does the rabbit in panel 4 look calm, almost if he’s saying “meh, here we go again.” Despite the fact he’s about to eaten.

  4. Pacha Runa

    this is such a grate comic it brings me so much joy. good luck with the twins. if you want a girl you should have more kids my wife and i both come from 8 kid families if you have enough kids you are shour to get a girl eventually.

  5. Sterling Rodd

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would be difficult to go on living with somebody who just ate some of our friends. :)

  6. Lala

    Lol, if it were me, I’d just choose to (secretly) raise one of the boys as a girl. xD

    Just kidding xP
    (but this is probably why I should never become a mother haha)

    Anyway, twins are indeed a joyous occasion regardless!~

  7. MrPainkiller

    Did he just eat a squirrel?

  8. Chiara-Wolf

    I notice nerds like the only one who looks genuinly sorry for the little guy :(

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