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August 7th, 2009

Page 107

This page was so much fun, I like breaking out of the norm every once and a while… OOOO!  Scary children!

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  1. Snow

    Wow, love the artwork in this one, great job.

    I have to confess, I’ve always been a bit jealous of webcomics, since I’ve always wanted to do one but I can’t draw anything.

  2. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours


  3. Gottmorder

    Little children haunt my dreams too, so I can sympathize for Evil. Nyeh, little kids.

  4. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    PS. Still waiting for when he snaps.

  5. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    Up until now, comments have only appeared when the minutes are odd numbers

  6. Heart of Blades

    Poor Evil! And yeah, kids are really scary! Anyone who’s seen Village of the Damned can agree with that

  7. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    So much for comments at only odd-numbered minutes (thanks to HoB)

  8. Mr. E.

    I can understand the cruelty of kids and why he wants to get his revenge in his own way. I just hope those little blighters got what was coming to them eventually.

  9. scap3goat

    Somehow Evil is so cute in that last panel, with his toes. Hm, it’s kinda strange how I come to notice something like this, but your attention to details like that (intentional or not) makes bearnuts as enjoyable as it is!

  10. Tyron E!

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! This is soooo fantastic! All the said previous artists of the world needs to be forgotten! Replace them with you two!
    Take it to the wall. To be viewed by all. (Siouexie and the Banshees)

  11. DominicanKing614

    …. i can see it happening …. the tormenting ridicule of the children’s laughter … the painful burns and bruises from the ring master …. the next comic is probably the point where he gets mad enough and becomes truly Evil and his horns shall sprout forth …. the birth of Evil …. nice way for it to happen huh ? … hope im right or at least close on lol

  12. Amaranth Pink

    Wow. The children look…kinda creepy here.

  13. NiaTeppelin

    Good lord, and he is still insane after that?! (sort of)

  14. NiaTeppelin

    … lol no, I meant to ask if he was still SANE after all that.

  15. Geek Burgette

    Poor guy! though not all children are bad… (all the time) It’s just the ones whose parents deside not to raise them.

  16. Unusual

    You don’t seem to like children very much =P I’m sure Sam will be a better kid. Maybe he won’t be eaten by angry bears.

  17. Kenichi340

    I like the artwork but Jesus Christ, Evil is going to snap any second now.

  18. Kurobara

    When he does, it’s gonna be a doozie. Just watch, he might set the whole circus on fire for payback! That’s what I’d do. >_>

  19. Rawrimaducky

    :( Poor Evil. <3 the first panel.

  20. Bosn C Otter

    ok, now I’m starting to hate children.

  21. baughbe

    @ Snow, I know what you mean. I’ve no drawing talent at all either. But I’m getting together a web-comic anyway as I have noticed more than a few others who get by with stick figures. Its content that they get by on. Fortunately Bear Nuts has both talent and content. I am so jealous.

  22. Snow

    @ baughbe: True, and a lot of them can even be sprite comics (8-bit Theater anyone?), but the kind I’d do would involve a lot of detail. Hrm…does chopping off your hands and sewing on new ones actually work? I should try this….

    Also, good luck with your endeavor!

  23. Silverblob5

    Heh. Malevolent children. Have some bad experiences with kids, perhaps?

  24. Sean

    Hilarious comic. Love Evil’s expressions.

  25. Angela

    I can’t tell you how sorry I feel for Evil right now. Good gravy, no wonder he went bad.

  26. Matt

    glad I found this comic! Artwork and writing are amazing!

  27. Dan

    Can’t wait for the snap!!

  28. spooks

    Meh. Being traumatized is no excuse for being a psychotic maniac.

  29. £Ø§Ð


  30. Dorks of hazzard

    Its funny how people evolve when a child you don’t know better and you don’t care when your a teen your rude and stupid you don’t care when your adult you do nothing but destroy and cause problems and you don’t care no matter what humans are just evil.

  31. Sam

    And now I’m afraid of children o.O

  32. Tinna

    If anyone else preordered, did anyone get anything saying how long it would take to ship?

  33. Tigergulp

    Wow. No wonder the guy is evil! Clowns, flaming circles of death, and the high squeals of delighted children who don’t understand the pain they cause in their pursuit of fun. Yep. No wonder I’m evil…I mean he became evil

  34. Richard

    Awww… Poor Evil. I’d be frightened of those children too.

  35. Colleen Sheehy

    WOW! Nearly as bad as being a substitute teacher….

  36. Insomaniac

    According to zolar’s dream dictionary, dreaming of screaming children means happiness is ahead!

  37. S.P

    He’s gonna snap soon, hopefully.

  38. Evil2.0

    Welcome to my world
    I had no interent while moving….or phone….or tv…..
    The hardest part was not having bear nuts
    Poor Evil

  39. squidbob

    It’s the little things that get you. Evil (what was he called before he became Evil?) may very well cope with all the worst things only to be tripped up by one little thing of no real consequence to anyone. “kids should be eaten and not heard”.

  40. PTM

    I pine for you, Evil. Little Children disturb me greatly…

  41. la

    Maaaaan your art is beautiful. Do you ever get sick of drawing bears? I can’t see myself enjoying drawing them every week, or at least not caring enough to always do such a beautiful job inking them. I’m way too partial to humans, though. x__X
    That was phrased confusingly. D: but blahblah gorgeous page and Ima read more now. <3

  42. Zar

    Scary kids! Run, Evil, run!

  43. dffdtgutr

    I have a thing for cuteness. I can’t stand it. I go into a laughing fit. I MEAN, AWWW Evil is SOOOOOO cute!! I wanna give him a hug and say, “it’s okay, widdle Evil, I adore you and I’ll take you away from those HORRIBLE children”!!!!!!

  44. Anaiyah

    poor baby

  45. Jared

    Awwh! T_T
    This makes me forgive Evil for being so… Well, Evil. xD
    He’s so adorable! :)
    *Wants to give him a hug*

  46. Angatita

    Oh wow. You can defidently feel exactly what Evil is feeling in this one. *shudders* and, aw he looks so cute in the last pannel :( *huggles him*

  47. Michael

    Aww…Evil’s actually cute in this story here.

  48. Camolot the Creator

    This… actually made me feel really sorry for Evil when I first read it, and it still evokes similar emotions. His sociopathic ways and antisocial behavior is almost justified by this…

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