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August 3rd, 2009

Page 106

So I started buying baby and little boy’s clothes whenever I see something cute (I predict I will quickly develop an addiction)  and I want that blue octopus shirt!!!  For me and Sam :)

Oh, and RUN EVIL, RUN!

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  1. Snow

    Poor little guy!

  2. walabane

    well now i feel bad for evil

  3. Mr.Giggles

    is the far upper left kid smoking?

  4. Gottmorder

    wow, reminds me of alot of my dreams

  5. warface363

    no, mr giggles, its cotton candy

  6. GenericGirlName

    @Mr.Giggles: He is eating cotton candy. @__@ I see how you made that mistake though.

  7. Tyron E!

    Gosh that seems like a bad dream! The ring of fire that chases you! I see “Bob Barker” from that tv game show “the Price Is Right” is leading a crusade against circus animal cruelty. I saw that on “The Insider” news intertainment show last week. I like how you drew children from all walks of life.

  8. Mr. E.

    Now I can understand why Evil loves succulent toddler flesh so much.

  9. Mr. E.

    Ohh and I have also got my 14 year old niece addicted to your web comic she loves it and she kinda reminds me a bit of evil in some ways. She gets very creative when her plans are thwarted I call her my little demoness but we love her.

  10. xxmilesxx

    Mr.Giggles – its cotton candy!
    this is saddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd :c

  11. Heather

    Poor evil. Can see why he’d lack empathy for kids when they showed none to him.

  12. Flyboy

    No escape from the rings of fire :( Poor poor Evil!

  13. Mr.Giggles

    im stickin with him smokin lol, i find it funnyer

  14. Rungard

    Aww, the second and third panels are really heartrending! Want to cuddle him. :-)

    Btw. Alison:
    I wanted to ask if I may translate your comic – just for peronal use of course.
    Some of my friends aren’t able to read english.
    And what font do you use for the dialogues?

  15. E. M. DuBois

    Oh God, poor little Evil. it makes me wonder if he ever had a name before he did turn Evil. What did the tamer’s call him, and what did he call himself? (I should stop now and just take this at face value, ha ha.)

  16. Bosn C Otter

    Christ, where are all these little snots parents? Probably at the bar.

  17. Ed-

    No wonder he wanted to eat some tender toddler flesh.

  18. Wolfen

    I feel almost sorey for Evil. Almost.

  19. Angela

    I like the montage of crazy children in the top panel – great art.
    (I can also understand why Grown-up Evil is so keen on eating them after his stint in the circus. Crazy little buggers.)

  20. Lax

    No wonder Evil likes to eat children :D

  21. Kate

    Wow. The first thought when I saw this page was “Damn, I want that octopus shirt” Then I went and ready your comment and had to lol.

  22. Pamplemousse

    Ahhhh, it’s the best birthday gift anyone could ever hope for– new Bear Nuts! Baby clothes shopping IS addictive, I don’t even have kids, but when my sister got her first… heh. I like to dress them in ridiculous outfits best, though… go team crazy aunt!
    And I agree, that’s a mighty fine octopus shirt; I think the world of baby clothes should branch out from the usual bunny/frog/duck themes, even if they ARE super-cute.

  23. G-ret

    Gotta love how the blond kid in the back on the right is like “I’m too gangsta fo this little kiddy stuff.”

  24. admin

    @ Mr. E: Your little demoness, that’s adorable. Sounds like you’ll have some fun stories to recount at her wedding :)
    @ Rungard: I have no problem with translations, what language would it be? There’s already someone working on a french version… I imagine it will be a lot of work! I purchased the font somewhere, but I don’t remember the name of the site as it was a few years ago; it’s called Hedgebackwards.
    @ Bosn: ugh. I just read a story in the paper about a dad who left his 4 month and 2 yr old boys in a van while he went drinking… apparently for quite a long time and they had to be treated for dehydration at the hospital.
    @ Kate: lol… I actually found a little boy’s octopus shirt at Old Navy! I of course bought it right away, even though it’s for a 1 yr old :)
    @ Pamplemousse: is it your b-day today? Happy Birthday then!! My baby is going to have two crazy uncles who are already buying an eclectic mix of heavy metal onsies and sweater vests.

  25. Kurobara

    I can definitely see why Evil loves succulent toddler flesh…but how does he aquire pyromania instead of pyrophobia from his circus days? o__O

  26. Rungard

    Hi Alison, thank you for your permission. :-) I will translate it into german.
    Although I cannot edit the “sound”-texts ’cause I’m not that good into professional picture editing.
    But I will do my best in translating the normal dialogues. ;-)

  27. poco

    Man, these kids are terrible! All kids are evil to some extent, but really…

  28. £Ø§Ð

    OOohhh. The Kid On The Left, i thought He Was Smoking. But, I Didn’t relize It Was Cotton Candy… Dur.

  29. Octopus Pie

    Awww… no wonder Evil dislikes kids. After being put through all that I’d probably try to eat a kid or two every now & again as well!

  30. Tobor

    you do a wonderful job with presenting Evil’s fear of the ring.
    Oh is a good place to look for baby stuff, awaiting my 1st grandson by keeping an eye open for nice stuff.

  31. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    The third kid from the right looks like she has a beard!

  32. Puffles

    After suffering through all that it’s not surprising Evil would hate kids….

    I do wonder how he developed his taste for delicious kiddie meat though,maybe that could be a side story.

  33. spooks

    Geez, most kids don’t know any better. Pfft.

    I still dislike Evil, though.

  34. RabbitDance

    Aww, poor evil!

    And regarding your impending little one and the great Hunt for Proper Clothes- I found some at the last show I was vending at and I bought a little dragon onesie for my little girl. The company is Squidfire, and they have a website, along with the only anglerfish onesie I have ever seen.

    Can I offer some unsolicited baby advice? New mom to new mom? ^_^ Look into something called “elimination communication.” It’s a bit of work, but it’s saving our sanity and it’s really nice not to have to clean up the massive amounts of poo the little buggers can generate.

  35. WraithPaladin

    @Mr. Giggles.

    No the kid in the upper left is eating some cotton candy.

  36. machchunk

    Next strip needs some sort of B^U reference.

  37. G-ret

    I have a huge problem, the address the books i ordered is being shipped to is incorrect and i doubt exists. What can i do to correct this? I really want those books D:

  38. Yai

    Awh! The look on Evil’s face, so scared breaks my heart. :'( My eyes watered, hah.

  39. Skittles

    I have a sudden craving for toddler flesh…

  40. Wolfen

    Oh, you know what would be so CUTE!? Either a baby outfit or halloween costumes of the Bear Nuts characters! Cant you see a baby in a Prozac or Nerd Bear outfit?

  41. Kurobara

    If I had a kid I’d dress him up as Evil. XD
    I still wanna know how he ends up becoming a pyromaniac instead of a pyrophobic. If I had been through that, I wouldn’t even get close to an unlit match. XD

  42. Silverblob5

    Probably less a case of pyromania, and more one of wanting to dish out what he had to take.

  43. PTM

    I’ve noticed that in the rows of children, Girls are virtually non-existant

  44. la

    I love your language. “Laughing and sticky pointing…” D: That’s a great way to express a clear, easy-to-relate to image.
    ANYWAY, yeah, be careful Evil! ;__; Ilu!

    Also, about from pyromaniac or pyrophobic, I was burned when I was little, and promptly afterwards became a pyromaniac. ..not as bad as Evil, of course, but I’ve burned some things when I shouldn’t have. xD; Maybe it’s some kind of stockholm symdrom. w0=jyneprjnge I can’t spell. ;-;

  45. Zar

    Poor cub!Who knew Evil was so cute.

  46. dffdtgutr

    I always cheered for evil anyway.
    Like him when he’s being evil, like it when he’s being cute!

  47. thatgirlwiththeglasses

    Poor evil!
    I’ve always thought little kids were demons in disguise. Guh.

  48. J.C.

    Evil look so cute in his younger days. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?!? :P

  49. Nila

    not just kids… Almost seemed like since being thrown in this Circus, he NEVER got anything but cruelty.
    At last in later times some members of his new family cared about him.

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