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October 6th, 2008

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BEAR NUTS for October 6, 2008 – 16 Bear Nuts


  1. Nastee

    heheh, Evil Bear Lite. Shaving him is just a harmless prank. But I do suppose it would be too much if he just gutted him with the box-cutter. ;)
    Anyways, another great page! That’s hot… ughh. Keep it up!

  2. Zassha

    Tanked bear is down after just one? wow

  3. Nastee

    He could’ve hit him over the head after taking him aside. :) Who knows. If he was down after one, it would be a real disappointment. By the way, good job of noticing. Guess I didn’t pay attention to that. :)

  4. Katie

    I love Tanked Bear’s face on the first two panels. ^o^

  5. Meister

    Tanked bear looked like he’d already had a few on the previous page; it probably wouldn’t have taken much more than one at that point >_>

  6. TheSaladMan


    This is AWESOME!!!

  7. admin

    Tanked is always a little unsteady on his feet… plus there’s no telling what Evil may have spiked that beer with :)
    SaladMan – Thank you, and more is definitely coming :)

  8. paula

    XD I love evil bear ahahah… I wonder what happens when prozac pills run out :3

  9. Zero

    Oh jeez, words cannot express how completely awesome this comic is. Keep up the good work! Gay Bear and Tanked Bear FTW!

  10. Julie

    I agree with Katie, the first two panels are great. I keep laughing at them.

  11. £Ø§Ð

    (w00t. im back) …Makes me wonder what he’s looking at in the Magazine. Annnndddd…what Evil is doing off screen that makes Tanked scared… IDK.

  12. £Ø§Ð

    …OH! dur… i see. (whacks head)

  13. bbydrgns

    OOOO i agree i agree more more more more more.. highlight of my monday to open and see the new ones.. want this daily.. more more more more

  14. Evil2.0

    I love Evl’s face as he’s looking at tanked, it’s quite malevolent, Why does he wanna give Gay tanked’s fur anyway, wouldn’t that make him nice O.o??

  15. Smoketrix

    Gay BEar kills me and Evil Bear is hilarious. All of his faces and expressions are excellent. THe artwork, dialogue, storyline, and humor of this comic are 10/10 with me. Where the hell do they get all of this stuff from though? Do they charge it to the zoo? i just laugh and enjoy anyway, im supposed to be studying for exams so im trying not to laugh too loud

  16. Mara

    I think the first panel of this one is my favorite of all time. Evil’s expression is HILARIOUS! And then, of course, I love how easily Tanked is swayed by the beer. Hehe. They’re my favorites.

  17. EvilRabbit

    Lech… XD YOU SICK BEAR!!

  18. Ayla

    The faces just make me laugh so much – I must say, especially Evil’s in the first panel, which was too villainous to be true. Ha! Also, very nice to see that all the characters are getting pretty much equal panel-time… with so many, I imagine it might be easy to neglect one for just that little too long.

  19. Looc64

    Heheh, I just noticed Lech drooling over the centerfold in Gay’s magazine.

  20. >8SCISSORS8

    my fav is tanked bear hes sooooooo cute!!!!!!

  21. allianna rene

    ok ? Is evil still trying to find a way to get gay bear tanked’s pelt? lol if so thats hilarious! love the comic keep it up!

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