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September 29th, 2008

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BEAR NUTS for September 29, 2008 – 15 Bear Nuts


  1. Kristen

    Ok, so as a child I loved the carebears. Of course, their perpetually perky and cheerful ne’er do wrong ways always made me a little skeptical of them. Hence my dear love of Grumpy Bear. A perpetually pissed off bear was right up my alley. Then I met these little sweethearts and my childhood seems bereft. If only these demented darlings had been born back in the 80’s. This comic is a mental molestation of fun and fuzzy and colorful antics. The art is superb and the writing blisfully twisted. Alas, I only have two thumbs to offer as a symbol of my approval. Two thumbs WAY up!!!!

  2. qtsushigirl

    Oh goodness, that look Evil Bear had while daydreaming was just to die for… *sees hearts flying all over his head when I look at him*

  3. Nastee

    Another winner! ^_^

  4. Eric

    Evil bear is just the best, i love it…that is so something i would think of…..I adore that little bear.

  5. £Ø§Ð

    …For some reason, this pannel seems more, bright, and cheerful then the others. Which does wonder’s to Evil Bears Fantasy there. Makes it seem more like a “Ruin the moment” type of thing. Awesome work. :-D (he he, put the lotion in the basket)

  6. iauraha

    Wow, I totally LOVE this comic! It’s so lovingly twisted, and Prozac Bear is totally my fave right now. Can’t wait to read more!

  7. PomPom

    Hello!! Found this comic through Butternutsquash :) glad i found the link, this’ll be joining my list of favourite webcomics! i love the bears! they’re so cute but so dark in most cases :p

  8. Aaron

    Wow. I love this comic. too bad it only comes out on mondays… Hey! wait nevermind that plan would fail… um but yea. THIS comic Rocks

  9. raye b's

    So prozac has the pill, makes sense. Evil has a reverse pentagram. okay. Tanked has beer, duh. Gay bear has a pink/purple rhino/hippo… sorta makes sense, but I don’t get why nerd has a hotdog in bun. I mean, sure geeks and nerds eat junk food, but i’d think mountain dew, or pizza or cheetos would be more apropriate of junk food. why or what is your reasoning for the hotdog and bun associated with nerds that i’m missing. i’ve been wondering since a few weeks ago when i found your AMAZING comic.

    I think for a nerd/tech savy bear, i’d put a computer mouse on him. or Dice. Dice is good and nerdy :D

    looking forward to next monday!

  10. admin

    Kristen – Thank you very much :)
    PomPom – Gotta love the Squash!
    Raye – My first choice for Nerd would have been a Star Trek insignia, but that’s copyrighted of course. A mouse is actually a really good idea as well! I went with the hot dog cause he’s a ‘wiener’ :) Nerd is a bit of a pushover.

  11. kristina

    Hey I heard about your comic from Butternutsquash. I am SO glad they sent me here! This is so cute and freaking funny too. LOVE IT. I’ll will be following this story now too!

  12. chesire

    heh heh heh…i like how evil bear would skin tanked bear and gay bear would actually wear the pelt >XD

  13. Evil2.0

    Arright I gotta ask, see I get the color pink, but why does gay have a rhino on his tummy, this probably counts against my credibility for understand subtelty but I can’t help but ask, I need to know. plz??

  14. Pepper

    Evil bear is win. I love your comics, they are fantastic. The drawings are amazing and the colouring is fabolous. :D

  15. Revy

    Is it JUST me…or could Evil and Gay be a couple XD!

  16. G-man

    ahhhhh a hint of a twisted good side perhaps? (refering to the skinning Tank part) in case u didnt know.

  17. Smoketrix

    Evil Bears Daydream is hilarious. Im guessing evil had a softside for gay. And why the rhino/ hippo. Cause he likes ‘rammings’? I love this comic

  18. Brother Darkness

    The fact that Evil bear thought of doing that [for Gay bear] makes me think he secretly wants Gay Bear XD

  19. Mara

    I love Evil’s expression when he’s daydreaming. Hehehe.

  20. onexused

    darkness: Naw, he’d just do it for fun!

  21. TekServer

    … and to see the look of horror on Gay’s face …


  22. blackbevil

    i think he want gay to shut up about taning ang make him happy in a way.

  23. Looc64

    That suit is either a very Evil gesture of friendship or Evil’s idea of a joke.

  24. >8SCISSORS8

    gay bear is really gay

  25. Warrior

    Question, does Evil have a crush on Gay? their seems to be a ton of sexual tension. Plus….this.

  26. Alex


    I doubt it, I think Evil just likes to butcher things,
    and plus, If anything, there would be a sexual tension with Lech and Gay, hence the “Muffins”

  27. Alex

    I take back everything I just said.

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