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September 15th, 2008

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BEAR NUTS for September 15, 2008 – 13 Bear Nuts


  1. JCalas II

    Thehe I was linked here through other webcomics and, even having few pages by now, yours made me laugh more than most ^_^ Great job! Good luck~

  2. Azethoth

    …I am so glad that we can’t see what Bondage Bear is looking at.

  3. £Ø§Ð

    Oohh…Hope that heals. And, you should try selling poster’s of more of Evil Bear’s…”Art.”

  4. admin

    JCalas – thank you! That means a lot as I’m new to web comics and don’t know what I’m doing half the time :)
    Azethoth – :D
    £Ø§Ð – posters of Evil’s art… that’s an interesting idea.

  5. £Ø§Ð

    Well…Not platently Swearing art, but more of him doing somehting…Feindish. If you get what I meen. I sure dont.

  6. £Ø§Ð

    Orrrrr, if you prefer blantly swearing, it doesent matter to me. I will buy one any ways. :-D

  7. Nastee

    Keep up the great work! This has the potential to be one of the best webcomics ever. They are a blessing when you’re @ work with nothing to do. :D
    P.S. If you don’t know what you’re doing half the time now, I can imagine how good this would be later on.

  8. Sophia

    I love that there’s a comic now but i’m sad to see that the girl bear that lech is always perving over isn’t around…

  9. Jason

    I like your comic! It made me wonder what it would be like if the Care Bears were put on an island where they have to kill each other, like in “Battle Royale.”

  10. Jason

    Actually I should not have said anything, that is a good idea…

  11. DamnKitty

    lol… this webcomic is so funny! original and just so f*****g awesome! I think that Evil Bear’s Art posters are a good idea, also T-shirts and buttos with the bear’s face… or something… I’m sure it will sell…. by the way, have you ever seen that tv show for kids that’s called Art Attack? imagine Evil Bear doing some crazy art like that “Neil” guy XD

    ok, enough from me XD see ya!

  12. donut

    i love this comic it is incredible and i cant wait for more

  13. admin

    Nastee – Thank you! I’m glad you find it so entertaining! I know just what you mean about being bored at work (though work boredom led to stuff like this as I tend to write when I’m bored)
    Sophia – The girl bears will appear at a later date, I want to establish these guys first before the ladies come and take over :)
    Jason – If you do that, make sure to send me a link! lol
    DamnKitty – Thanks for the comments! I’ll try to be as original as I can…despite the obvious derivative parody nature of their designs… but they do not have tummy blast wave powers! We do have button sets that we sell at cons, t-shirts will be a while coming as they’re expensive to produce and we have to know that we’ll be able to sell them.
    donut – thank you! Check back every Monday, and soon Fridays as well!

  14. raye b's

    What i love is the art. the idea and characters are grand, but the art is TASTY! very rarely does one see art that moves, even when it is not animated. Brilliant! When i went thru the mere but wonderful archives, there were panels that i could nearly SEE the bears moving from panel to panel.

    and no, i don’t identify with crack bear :P

  15. alecho

    hahaha! I love the 3rd panel. oh man… the evil bear… ;)

  16. Anise

    Ha! Prozac bear. That is almost more disturbing than evil bear dressed up like a gimp.

  17. Kimo

    Beheh- I like the added detail of Gay’s bloody nose.

  18. nero

    that was a great one i couldnt help but start laughing who new bears could be so funney.

  19. EvilRabbit

    what is it that gimp does (apart from not talk) he’s always holding weird things… :] its soemthign that’s got no need to mention so now im left clueless!!! >.<

  20. zombie matt

    lol this comic is just great love evil bear and what the heck is bondage bear doing

  21. >8SCISSORS8

    Is that a whip in that one brown bears hands(i cant remember his name)

  22. tahrey

    Is (“Hi! I’m…”) Prozac the Bear named for his rather incoherent and overall more oblong namesake from the old Triangle & Robert strips? :-)

    Or just happy coincidence?

  23. J.C.

    I’ve just noticed how sometimes when a bear’s name is used in a sentence, it flips between (ex:) “Prozac” and “Prozac Bear”, or (ex:) “Crack” and “Crack Bear”. Is Alison indecisive over whether “bear” should be added to the bears’ names?? The bios have only their names, without “bear” being included.

  24. Alex


    Hey dude, I think Ik why the reason is
    They all call each other by the names “Crack, Letch, Etc.” but the narrarator (or whatever it is) calls them by the “Crack Bear, Letch bear, Etc.” Might be either their last name or a title, like the carebears or some shit like that XD

  25. Alex

    Changing WORD account

  26. Alex

    Better, now I dont have that stupid profile pic that I couldnt change from when I was little XD

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