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September 8th, 2008

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BEAR NUTS for September 8, 2008 – 12 Bear Nuts


  1. Nastee

    This comic’s hilarious. It’s a shame it updates only once a week. Oh well… At least it’s not like “Gone With The Blastwave”.

  2. admin

    We have a pretty good buffer so I’m thinking of adding a Friday update every other week :) What’s “Gone With The Blastwave?”

  3. JB

    GWTB is this

    Gente, great work! I’ll show your this to all my friends!

  4. admin

    “I’ll show your this to all my friends!”… JB thats what we like to hear!

  5. £Ø§Ð

    Ha ha. I love Drunk Bear’s exspressions in the backround. GWtBW is a comic the only updates, like, once a month. But, anyways, Keep up the Awesome Work! :-D

  6. Sen

    I’m keeping my eye on this.

  7. anon

    hahah I love already, thinking of introducing any girl bears?

  8. Kittie

    Lol, this is brilliant. I want merch already!

  9. Xander

    This comic is brilliant! Just found it from Paul @ Uglyhilll’s Twitter feed- the artwork is gorgeous. <3

  10. TR1-Guy

    Came from Paul/Uglyhill’s Tweet as well. Great art, man, and very cool story so far! Once a week is fine as this is quality work! I’m on your RSS feed already! Great work and keep it up!

  11. Joseph LaRose

    Now, this is a great comic! It helps that I can’t stand The Care Bears with a passion so I’m getting a major kick out it. Not to mention the underlining tones of how we should treat animals in captivity (if they even should be in captivity). Besides all of that, I think Gay and Lech are going to be my favorites. Haha..they are sooo into each other. By the way GWtBW doesn’t update every month…more like every OTHER year.

  12. gmr

    ahha I’m loving this comic so far! It’s really funny.

  13. admin

    anon – the girls are already designed and planned, they will make their debut once I’ve spent a little more time establishing the 9 current characters… which will be lots of work :)

    Kittie – lol… Bear Nuts stuff is in the works, we do have button sets that we sell at cons, once we get a store going I’ll put those up… for now there is one t-shirt design up on our Red Bubble store:

    Xander, TR1, gmr – thanks guys! We appreciate comments big time!

    Joseph – Gay and Lech are definitely good foils for each other… and perhaps there is something more there as you say ;)

  14. Seacow

    Wow, now the comments are flying in!

  15. Kit

    Hilarious comic! It looks so professional and deliciously colored. I love your characters, and how they’re all such incurable reprobates. I wish I didn’t have to wait till Monday!

  16. Jen Mathis

    “But he walks like Daddy.” SNORT!! Definitely bookmarked!! Keep up the good work…

  17. donteatpoop

    “But he walks like Daddy.” Great line.

  18. Jorge

    You got to have a Tanked Bear tee with him doing a Keg Stand!

  19. Sandi A. Dufern

    OH MY MY…still laughing here, those children’s faces are (there is no word for them) its all good tho
    Alison. Got in touch with you from Whiff of Joy ordered your line of stamps. The goat is reminiscent of our “Wild Bill” the sweetest and troublesome goat ever. My friends and my daughter Amelia is getting an email about your comics…who would have thought it. You have brought new joy to my life….

  20. JDBrett

    “But he walks like daddy.”


  21. Evil2.0

    God, I can’t believe Lech isn’t down for the count after that kick…. gues he’s been kicked a lot??

    Also I love the fact that Evil and Tanked are cheering the fight on.

  22. iki

    Is…is gay SMILING in that last panel?

  23. Inyo

    Wow, this is an awesome comic! I love the artwork, and the bear’s personailities! Espiecally Death and Evil xD

  24. Smoketrix

    I cant say enough good things about this comic. My friends will definitely be reading this bad boy

  25. Mara

    hehe. I don’t know how I missed that Evil hit Nerd over the head with a shovel and buried him, but I did. My friends have decided that I’m Evil bear. ;) I so have to get the comic book.

  26. EvilRabbit

    Gay owned lech XD love how the other bears are watching and cheering!

  27. Kitsunekage

    *Punt* Gay just did to lech what every Grade 12’er up here wants to do to the Grade 8’ers

  28. Ayla

    This stuff is awesome… I particularly love your attention to detail – all the little things you can pick out in the background – and your facial expressions, but your characters are damn cool as well. Being someone with a particularly mean sense of humour when it comes to my fellow man, I like Evil, but Gay in this one is… um… fabulous, and they all make me smile. Good work – keep it up!

  29. J.C.

    Last panel: Tanked has his hands up in the air
    Implication of his obsession with wrestling??
    Either way, it’s priceless. XD

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