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August 26th, 2008

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BEAR NUTS for August 26, 2008 – 10 Bear Nuts


  1. Seacow

    Well after reading all the pages so far I must say that Bear Nuts is totally awesome! It’s like the Adult Swim version of Care Bears…absolutely brilliant. The characters, plot, layout and drawing are all exceptional and I think this comic will gain a rather large fanbase. Keep up the great work.

  2. Shia

    Not once in my lie has a bunch of oddly colored bears make me laugh so much x]

  3. donteatpoop

    Great page here. Keep up the awesome.

  4. gargoyle-lauren

    does gay and gimpy have somthin goin

  5. robROBOTIC

    omg oMG OMG theres a death bear!!!!!!!!

  6. chesire

    ohhhh man after seeing death bear,i think him and evil bear combined would be me >X]

  7. RobbieBlueEyes

    Gimpy is SO cute in this one! I just wanna squeeze him!

  8. BrittBrat93

    Oh Me Geee DEATH BEAR To! :D <3

  9. Smoketrix

    These bears couldnt be more awesome…. unless they had wings.

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  11. William Frost

    WOO. Gimpy looks SOOO Cute with his mask open!

  12. Bastion

    Haw! I love how both Gay and Evil have their own little … ‘pets’.

    I have to say that I am most impressed with this webcomic! This is my third time going through the comic and I’m loving everything about it! I think I even woke up my li’l woman with my laughter.

    *golf clap* Kudos to you, young lady. Kudos to you.

  13. EvilRabbit

    I’ve never actually seen crack bear take crack, but he certainly acts like an addict :P

  14. Runtytiger

    Kinda ironic how they are watching on television how normal bears live in the wild.

  15. zombie matt

    good evil care bears

  16. JoJo

    So…There’s NerdBear, SatanBear, PillBear, CrackBear, Whore(Lady)Bear, BeerBear, and RinoBear(?)

  17. EJAK5199

    Uhm… No. Theres Prozac, Evil, Nerd, Gay, Tanked, Lech,The Gimp/Gimpy, Crack, and Death.

  18. EJAK5199

    Death being the one peering over the side of the couch

  19. Puck

    Evil is frighteningly congenial-looking in the fourth panel. Without any perceivable malice or trickery in his expression.

    …. Scary. (But adorable.)

  20. FlashXX

    @EJAK5199 : o\ _0; …okay, start again…and this time ENGLISH!!

  21. Alex

    @EvilRabbit I think hes supposedly on withdrawal, according to the bear bios

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