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August 25th, 2008

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BEAR NUTS for August 25, 2008 – 09 Bear Nuts


  1. Evil2.0

    Jeezus what are the y feeding the beers that burns flesh

  2. Evil2.0

    I said beers instead of bears didn’t I?

  3. Metal Bunny

    I am re-reading this comic for the 3rd time and only now did I notice that evil and gimp are betting on the fight behind the couch :D

    Gawd I love this comic, read it since it came out :D, you go girl! :D

  4. BrittBrat93

    Awww I love Tanked, Evil and Gimp! x3

  5. Gottmorder

    That food reminds me of what I’d eat three times a day at summer camp

  6. Dax

    They are sooo cute! 8D

  7. Mara

    LOL I just noticed that Evil and Gimpy are betting on the fight in the background. This is such a great comic.

  8. EvilRabbit

    nerd bear is a master credit card fraud criminal O.o :L

  9. Kitsunekage

    3’rd time reading this, and I noticed that Crack has vacated the couch to give Gay and Lech more room to fight…. that or he fled so that Gay and lech wouldn’t fight on him…..

  10. Anawnimuss

    The burning, THE BURNING!


  11. KingMe

    I like how Gay Bear acts so, well, gay but can still take on Lech in a fist fight.

  12. WolfDemon12

    Oh my, is that Death Bear there in the water? :D

  13. Looc64

    I think thats Nerd

  14. J.C.

    5th Panel: “IT BURNS!!” XD

  15. Alex

    OMG, tanked looks so cute in the tire swing!! XD Im laughing like crazy

  16. Chronamut

    how do they have wifi but no tv?

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