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May 27th, 2024

Page 930

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry I missed last week’s update; Monday was a holiday and we were away all weekend for a wedding. My cousin started to blubber when the bride came down the aisle, and she’s usually so stoic :D


The centre lioness reared her head back in surprise. The other two stopped circling, looking at her.  Figuring her for the leader, Gay decided to concentrate his pleas her way and hoped the other two wouldn’t suddenly take him out at the knees from the side. Hell, they’d have to get around Steven and Sara first.

“Believe me, we’re quite familiar with the soul destroying drudgery of this place. We do what we can to lighten the day-“

The lioness cut him off with a growl. “You simper and preen like humans. You stand like them, you copy their movements, you use their things and mimic their ways.” She glared at his bow tie and sneered, “You even dress your forms like they do.” Gay bit back his retort about silk and civility. She probably wouldn’t be swayed.

“The Mother gave us our forms and everything we need. We are perfect in our fur, or our feathers, or our scales. You spit in Her face to show such disdain to your natural state.” She looked down her nose at him and slowly unsheathed her claws. “You dishonour your maker. Perhaps we should eliminate your stain for good.”

Lech pressed against his back and Sara slid closer to his side. But Gay popped his paws on his hips. So it was like that, huh? They were purists. Figured.

“Aren’t humans made by the Mother? Did they not come from the same place? Did they take what they were given and improve their forms? They are pathetic and fur less, they lack teeth and claws. They would freeze and die hungry if not for their crafting. Their environments inadequate, if not for their building.”

Lech popped his head up, “And they smell!”


  1. Murphy

    Well the lion’s are purist. naturalists?
    They like being on top food chain!

  2. Todd Maccarone

    So, the lions believe in an all-powerful Mother Goddess, then? Interesting. Gay sure found a way to turn things against them, didn’t he?

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