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September 18th, 2023

Page 898

We’re 2 weeks into school and we’ve already had the first plague roll thru the household. Curiously, Sam is so far the only one to escape the Nasty Head Cold of Nastiness, which is weird as we’re pretty sure it came from HIS friend that we carpool with. Whatever, I’m sure there will be many more to come. Oddly enough, Owen is usually the most stoic of the 3 boys. If they bash something Sam will typically cry and carry on and be at death’s door, and Owen will clench his teeth and breath hard and swear he’s “FINE”. Evan falls somewhere in the middle.

But with colds and the like Owen turns into the biggest man baby ever. He whined ALL night, muttering and complaining and whimpering WHILE he was asleep. I guess the mom hearing at night never goes away as I could hear him far down the hall and thru two doors. The poor wee lamb :P

Although I (and my family, and my mental and wrist health) appreciate how much faster I can produce these on a Sunday morning compared to the regular comic format, I do really miss it. Especially with sequences like Ant and Twink discovering the power of Crack tossing, mock drowning, and the delicious, delicious scone! This would have been fun :(

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Gay rolled his eyes. “Twinkle got an extra scone for rescuing Crack, so Anthony pushed him back in so HE could rescue Crack and also get another one. Who knew those idiots were that controllable, all it took was baked goods.”

Cara glared at him. “You mean all it took was outreach, a friendly attitude, and sharing? Yeah, who knew.” She used her most sarcastic smile and Sara grinned. Grinning didn’t hurt.

Crack, sitting in the corner under two blankets and hugging a hot water bottle to his torso, snorted. Gay pushed another scone in his direction, “I promise, this one does NOT have raisins.”

Evil burst into the room, startling Crack off his chair and making Murder honk in outrage.

“How did it go?! Did anyone get maimed?? Does anyone need revenging?!”

His red eyes gleamed with excitement and his lips pulled back in a huge fang-filled grin. Sara could swear his horns lengthened slightly.

Lech jabbed him in the throat with his spatula and Evil spluttered. “No tacos for you! I am annoyed by your face/voice/presence.”


  1. Todd Maccarone

    Peace between the Polar bears and our nutty bears… how unexpected. Still, it’s nice to see that there’s some peace in the discount zoo… for now.

  2. Vausch

    In fairness to the others, Cara, the polars are not exactly easy to approach. Pretty sure the *nicest* they’ve been was spray painting Nerd and threatening his new figure they took out of the box.

    Of course we know Evil is the master of disproportionate retribution, but it’s quite hard to find safe ground for a truce when the ones you want to make peace with don’t have much issue bashing your head in with a rock when they barely know you. Ask Sara.

  3. Cam

    @Alison: I hope everyone feeling unwell gets better soon! And I miss the regular comics too, but you’ve been dealing with a lot, so keep going with what’s easiest for you. If you get any down time and feel up to it, you can always doodle the scenes you want to draw most for fun to get it out of your system.

    Sorry, Evil, this time everything went surprisingly smoothly. But, to your amusement, I’m sure it won’t last long before more chaos begins again.

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