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September 11th, 2023

Page 897

Updated: HA, having the weirdest trouble trying to get this page to upload properly and I’m still not seeing it correctly on my screen despite this apparently being the correct image on Comic press but ANYWAY. Hope everyone had a great holiday Monday, kids are back in school, bus route was ridiculous and non existent (we’re having a lot of trouble finding drivers since covid, seems no one wants such a glorious job) the twins are separated for the first time in years (which is fine but an adjustment). Owen’s best friend is in his class, Evan doesn’t know ANYONE in his, and there’s only 4 boys, lol. Bit of a wake up call in that the world doesn’t always go the way you want it to.


Prozac snorted. “You need to work on your definition of “major.”

They were hanging out in the kitchen as Lech was attempting taco night by himself and Gay was itching to help. The pan was smoking rather a lot and Gimp was hovering with a fire extinguisher. 

Cara patted his arm and used her placating smile. “We figured Crack having a panic attack and nearly drowning was more “run of the mill” than “major”. And Twinkle pulled him out pretty quickly, and was actually pretty gentle about it.”

Prozac’s face crinkled but Cara ran her paws through his fur and down the sides of his head, smoothing out his grimace and his emotions. He pulled her onto his lap and rested his forehead against hers. “I’m just glad you’re ok.” he murmured.

Sara snorted. “The rest of us are fine too, or will be once all the extensive bruising around my neck goes away.” Her voice was still strained and she had a lump on the back of her head. Gimp had given her an ice pack for her throat and Tanked had painted her nails teal to match Steven’s. As physically uncomfortable as she still was, she actually felt really good.  Something else to get used to.


  1. Todd Maccarone

    Well, this story actually turned out fairly decently. I’m curious to find out why this page ended up updated (and how badly taco night was ruined), but that can wait for now.

  2. Kaouse

    Will the Bears and the Polars start to get along now? Might be nice to see how they interact more.

    Though, without the Polars acting as major antagonists, something else must fill the void…

  3. TekServer

    @Kaouse There’s always the lions.

  4. JanBic

    Still not showing correctly on my iPad but looks fine on my PC.

  5. Cam

    Aw, Tanked painted Sara’s nails. I didn’t know he would be coordinated enough to do it. So glad they’ll be hopefully getting along from now on.~

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