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September 12th, 2022

Page 850

First week of school went well. I had no idea how much I missed having quiet during the day. Started another design job on Monday (yet another xmas special lol…trying to find a new way to draw Santa is….fun.) And I finally found I had a pretty productive week :D



  1. Murphy

    Oh yeah, the hogs did nearly get away scot free with plan to interrupt plane ride & butcher & sell pieces of vanity to foreign countries. glech interrupted for vengeance, i can accept this.

  2. Nila Foxy

    IDK how the hogz got in the way. They weren’t even there.
    But… If they are enemies of the BN bears, then by all means… Kill them~
    (I can’t wait to see the monkey’s die… I know they are still behind the water incident)

  3. Shennynerd

    I love Lech’s excited dancing legs in the last panel.

  4. Nikary Flare

    Called it!

  5. Todd Maccarone

    I’ll be honest- given how crazy the fight at the airport was, I’d almost forgotten the hogs! But it’s good to see vengeance is coming for them… and yet, I still don’t trust that Evil is going altruistic here for any good reasons…

  6. Nikary Flare

    Since when is vengeance altruistic?

    Also, it’s not the first time Evil helps someone on his own initiative. Remember how he threw Sara at the polar bears to distract them while he fetched the box they once stole from Nerd?

  7. speedcoreidolater

    Vanity’s going to be mad he missed this once he comes to.

  8. Nicole

    Gotta let the boys have fun sometimes! :D

  9. T-Shaw

    Darn hogs!
    Lecherous Evil gonna make them pay!

  10. Cam

    Speaking of vengeance, I wonder when Sloth bear will finally come for his own and wreak havoc with his woodland critter army. I’m imagining he’s gotten heftier by now, as has his animosity.

  11. Treascair

    ‘Sanctioned Vengeance’ would be an awesome band name, just saying~

  12. James

    How did Sara manage to put on her skirt while still holding Vanity?

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