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August 22nd, 2022

Page 847

Tired today. Don’t know if it’s the weather or what but not sleeping well. It’s either Jim waking me up when he comes to bed (he’s a night owl) and I can’t get back down, or one of the dogs has an issue at 4 in the morning…like all week. The NERVE. lol.

Vote incentive: another sketch from Patreon (makes me want cake)


  1. Kaouse

    …the important thing, is that you tried Lech. That matters more than anything else.

  2. Murphy

    Okay I love lech, but how do you mess up pancakes?

    it’s literally mix batter, then pour onto pan that’s greased beforehand.
    pour in shape you want, then cook till golden brown, then flip other side.
    plate then you’re done!

  3. Vausch

    @Murphy Well, if you don’t know the temperature to set them to or the time then it’s quite possible to burn ’em. Especially knowing Lech he probably was trying not to get help while making them.

    Poor guy. We know Gay appreciates the effort!

  4. Nila Foxy

    I hear that “A few minutes later…” with that timecard voice from Spongebob.
    Also is Vanity still in the room they just ran out of?
    Sad… I was kind of hoping to see Lech actually make something.

  5. Nicole

    Disaster in the kitchen! :D

  6. Athlone

    That first panel of Gay and Lech is d’aaaw

  7. speedcoreidolater

    Don’t worry bud, you couldn’t have done a worse job at pancakes than Crack.

  8. Tjimmy1999

    @speedcoreidolater Crack was purposely trying to poison and kill everyone, so I get the feeling his cooking is leagues better than Lech’s failed attempt.

  9. Sterling Rodd

    Uh oh, they didn’t roast Vanity, did they? :)

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Poor Lech… still, he did try, and that’s what matters!

  11. Cam

    Poor Lech, and he seemed so excited to do something for Gay.

  12. Chasey

    Whoa, I just realized that Lech has 4 fingers in one of these panels. o-O

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