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June 27th, 2022

Page 840

I am writing this on Sat as we’re shortly leaving for a week cottage vacation with 11 other family members… I am unsure of my chances for survival :)  Lots of time with my kids, and less with my computer lol. Plus school is done and that’s always the saddest day of the year…

There won’t be a new page next Monday as I won’t be able to finish it, and I may not still be sane. Perhaps that’s not a detriment to this comic…

And today’s my birthday! Not exactly how I would have picked to celebrate it… I will run another bday sketch-a-thon on Patreon when we get back!

Vote Incentive: Happy early Canada Day!



  1. Nila Foxy

    & God said onto Death bear- “You need to go back & help deal with those crazy friends of yours…”

  2. Murphy

    And it’s said as Death rised into the heavens, God sayeth-
    “Not today my son, Thou art empty Yeeteth!”

  3. Nikary Flare

    Well, Nerd’s answer was helpful after all – it made Evil roll his eyes, which resulted in him looking up!

    Also, welp, that was a long time airborne…

  4. Nikary Flare

    Also, if Death landed right on Nerd, then we’re about to find out whether he’s charged up or not.

  5. PlayingPossum

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Well, tasers being used to re-energize Death was bad enough, but it also sent him flying… If he isn’t in worse shape after this, I’m afraid to find out what could properly hurt him!

  7. speedcoreidolater

    And lo, it was Frith who said unto Death, “We could argue about whether you deserve to stay at the Zoo all day, but honesty, you all suck at being bears. Where else are you gonna go?”
    “You know, Prozac said the same thing.” Death replied.

  8. T-Shaw

    Happy birthday!

  9. gridsleep

    Multiple misquotes of the same tired old bromide aside, I really would have expected Evil to just watch Death land on Nerd, thus shutting up the latter and cushioning the former, rather than doing something protective of the otherwise annoying Nerd, ofttimes foil of Evil and Lech inspired shenanigans, at the cost of Death’s safe landing and general well being. Out of character.

  10. Nikary Flare

    Evil’s had character development.

  11. Nicole

    Happy Birthday, Alison! Have a great vacation!!

    Poor Death! I hope he’s okay. And I will be curious to see what his tummy symbol looks like after all this. It’s been asleep.

  12. StoticM

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Cam

    Oh, good, Death didn’t zap into a parallel dimension or become pure electricity. Hope he’s okay.

    Happy Birthday! Good luck with the vacation, at least, I hope you’ll be able to have enough fun to feel like it’s one.

  14. Kaouse

    If Evil didn’t do anything, Death would have landed on Lech. Was Evil trying to save Lech? (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

  15. gridsleep

    I see that now. Good to see some things never change. Now, if we could just get Evil into the same room as Trump.

  16. gridsleep

    So, Monday bank holidays simply mean no cartoon until… Tuesday? Next week?

  17. Nicole

    @gridsleep: Yes, Alison and family are on vacation this week. :)

  18. thamojster

    I just realized evil shoved nerd to save letch from getting landed on, if he was trying to help both he wouldve pushed nerd forward rather than sideways or pushed harder.

  19. speedcoreidolater

    Evil pushed Nerd to help the pacing of the joke.

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