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April 11th, 2022

Page 832

Nerd’s voice of reason dries up quick in the face of Prozac glare. What a weenie :)
SUMMER SALE: all fantasy/sci-fi, and horror tees on sale at Neatorama, my favourite indy t-shirt (and other stuffs) printer.
VOTE INCENTIVE: A ninja themed wedding commission from a few years ago that was super fun to work on. I’ve got 3 weddings to go this year and getting bridesmaid dress samples thrown in my face every week (I don’t have the legs to pull off any of them lol) it’s going to be a busy summer.
And for fun and cause I’m biased, check out issue 1 of SPIDER PUNK that came out last Wed. Jimmy is painting this arc (it’s either 4 or 5 issues, can’t remember exactly) and he’s having a lot of fun with it. It shows :D


  1. Murphy

    I’m a lil morbidly curious myself if that’s work with death.
    Wait…this is just death bear being Electro from spiderman!

  2. Chasey

    Okay, what the crap has gotten into Vanity? I know he was starting to become Evil’s little chaos-mongering protégé, but the so-far 2 outbursts here aren’t exactly the same thing… Maybe he really had too much fun with that taser Evil gave him when he was boxed up and this is his own take on Evil’s teachings.

  3. Chasey

    Or, well, nevermind. It seems maybe more like he’s just trying to be cool to the cool kids and is REALLY bad at reading the room.

  4. Tjimmy1999

    You know, it’s amazing how Vanity went from being defined by his given name to just being a miniature ball of psychotic hyperactive energy. Guess that’s what happens when you’re near Evil for so long.

  5. Treascair

    When even the goose is like ‘dude, the hell?’ You know you’ve gone too far

  6. Nila Foxy


  7. Freezer

    Some folks just can’t keep a secret.

  8. T-Shaw


  9. Sterling Rodd

    Loving the range of expressions in the last panel. :)

  10. Sterling Rodd

    P.S. Also… I’m just gonna say it… Just what is Crack doing to that goose in the last panel…? :D

    This is turning into one friendly zoo. :)

  11. Todd Maccarone

    Yeah… Vanity’s sleeping outside tonight! Seriously, dude- what were you thinking?

  12. Nim

    Start with static shock first.

  13. speedcoreidolater

    Prozac tries to stop them, but Cara tells him to remove himself from stressful situations and join her in eating mermaid toast and Disneybounding. After a few hours of bewilderment, the others figure out that he’s gone and they can just go do what they planned in the first place.

  14. Hake Feretto

    God Wow…. Vanity is become even more fun and his character seem know a jit of change XD… I didn’t exepted he’ll can’t stop himself to revezl all the plan so fast, especialy we see he realy tryed HARD to keep it for him but it was stronger than what he could stand… At least now Prozac know about the plan so our little team have something less heavy theyr mind.

    Now the real question is What does Peozac will think about all this ? For me the idea seem not so bad, it could even help death at this point UwU ! But this must be validated by Prozac himself or at least…have a bit of “edit” in the process X3… Can’t wait to see the next page >w< !

  15. MicaXIII

    bless Crack and his goose<333

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