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January 31st, 2022

Page 822

Did a dumb thing and took on a 3 week design contract with my on and off again studio, while trying to plow through the nearly full time comic gig…because that’s the kind of crap we frequently do to ourselves :(
Good bye sleep, I knew you somewhat well.

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  1. Nila Foxy

    :( I hope this doesn’t mean “Glech” is over, Alison? Cause I was loving that, now.
    & aww I was hoping to see Cara & Prozac kiss. But I guess this means their ship is official?
    & yeah… I almost forgot. We still haven’t cleared the air with Death after that incident~

  2. Murphy

    Sara going for the nuts Oooh, Ouch!
    also yeah death is still traumatized by turning Kaiju.
    also by the guilt of his lil sister’s death indirectly being his fault.

  3. gridsleep

    So, Vanity has taken to make-up. Prozac and Cara are a thing. Gay and Lech are still a thing. And Death is still comatose? I hope you aren’t juggling too many threads. Remember Twin Peaks.

  4. Nicole

    Oh! I was worried about Death! I’m glad we get to find out how he’s doing. <3

    Such a good ending overall! :)

  5. Cam

    Yay! ProMS going well, Glech going as well as it can with those two, with a dash of Sara as a bonus it seems. Also, Tank did fabulously on Vanity’s makeup. I hope Death is okay, I’m sure he’s beating himself up about this, even though the same thing happened to Pro and Cara and they’re good, but i guess it helps they have each other. I hope Death finds a friend he can be close with or understands him, like the zoo installs a exhibit with electric eels and catfish, or someone whose large enough to take the current without much damage.

    Also, please don’t overwork yourself, take a break from the comic if you need to, we can wait a month if you need to focus on your design contract.

  6. N30N

    Ooh does this mean procara is canon?! :O

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Well, in a way, this finally answers a few questions I had concerning potential pairings for the future… And next page, we start to find out what’s going on with Death. Also, Vanity- that make-up is killing me! Just the thing on a cold winter day to give me a warm laugh.

  8. T-Shaw


  9. Treascair

    A. Vanity looks GOOD all made up! He should keep the look! B., dammit, Lech… C., … yeah, I think we’re all worried about Death.

  10. GregV

    “ProMS” is the best ship name for those two that I’ve seen so far. It flows in a way others don’t. I vote that’s our new moniker.

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